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26 December 2012

Sure shot WAT words for SSB interview

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Looking for Word Association Test sure shot words which may be asked by SSB board in interviews? Knowing few words which are most likely to be asked in the exam will definitely help out the candidates. Read on to know about words asked in WAT test of SSB.

Word Association Test (WAT) is likely to be conducted on second day of SSB interview. WAT is very important test which gives fair idea about the personality of candidates who are being tested. So it is very important to create a good impression through this test in SSB.

Here we are giving few most asked words in Word Association Test of SSB interviews.

  • Failure 
  • Peace
  • Danger
  • Support
  • Risk
  • Command
  • Rigid
  • Victory
  • Zealous
  • Achieve
  • Defeat
  • Soldier
  • Rank
  • Pride
  • Problem
  • Lonely
  • Rule
  • Discipline
  • Army
  • Religion
Words mentioned in the above list are the most favourite words to judge candidates personality. SSB interview board psychologists can derive required information of your Officers Like Qualities with the answers. Accordingly all candidates will be awarded marks. 

Just writing answers will not make you topper in the SSB interview. All candidates need to show patriotism and their character through the answers. Many of the aspirants do answer all responses by relating them to army / navy / air force. But it is recommended that members to be careful in their answering style. You can go through our exclusive tips to top Word Association Test (WAT) of SSB interviews.
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