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About to appear in NDA & NA exam and looking for online coaching material? Questions of set theory of algebra are asked in NDA & NA exam frequently. Read notes notes and tips of Algebra's set theory for NDA & NA examination preparation here.

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What is set and how a set is represented?

Set is a collection of elements or objects. All elements of a set can be called as objects too. Capital letters are used to denote a set and small letters are used to represent elements of a set. All elements of a set are enclosed within braces.

Example of a set: Set A={a,b,c}

Sets are represented using three methods.

  1. Roster method : In roster method, set's elements are enclosed within curly braces. Ex. Set A={a,b,c}.
  2. Set Builder method : In set builder method, elements are not writeen but properties of elements are used to represent the set elements. Ex. Set A = {x:x=2n, 3<=n<=6, n ∈ N}.
  3. Diagrammatic representation : All elements of a set are represented in a circle. This method of representation uses Venn diagram to represent the set. Following diagram represents the set.
Thus, here we have learnt what a set is and various methods used to represent elements of a set.

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