Expected SRT questions and situations in forthcoming SSBs and AFSB interviews

Are you looking for expected questions or situations of Situation Reaction Test of SSB interviews. Check out most frequently asked questions in Situation Reaction Test of SSBs and AFSB interviews.

Answering with a positive attitude for SRT questions is very important. Practicing SRT situations is the best way to develop good answering technique. 

SRT is one of the most important psychology test of SSB interview. Here we have provided thirty expected situations of SRT test. Read them carefully and write down your reactions in the comment box of this SRT article. Once you submit your answers, our experts will analyse and let you know whether you are answering in good way or not. If you are weak in answering SRT questions, we will guide you in having right approach of answering. Also try to finish this test within fifteen minutes.

  1. You were travelling in a train during night. A thief came and stole your bag and jumped off from train. You will 
  2. You saw your sister was walking with stranger. You will 
  3. You are working in government office and suddenly receive a call that your father had met with an accident. You will 
  4. You were walking on the road and found a snake lying and ready to bite you. You will 
  5. You were travelling in a train and found unusual activity by co passenger. You will 
  6. Your parents decided to take divorce. You will 
  7. Your aunty has extra marital affairs with someone. You will 
  8. You were going to attend interview for IAS and found one person deeply injured and needs to be taken to hospital immediately and there was no one else near by. You will 
  9. You were trapped in a jungle with your girlfriend and thieves came and started teasing your girlfriend. You will 
  10. A police man comes to know that his brother is a smuggler. He will 
  11. You are representing national cricket team and during a match some unknown people came and offered you money for under-performing. You will 
  12. You were going to picnic and found the car tyre was punctured. You will 
  13. You were travelling in a jungle and saw one person attacked by five burglars. You will 
  14. You were studying for final semester exams and your brother was disturbing you. You will
  15. You want to become a teacher but your father don’t want you to become teacher. You will 
  16. You have found one crore rupees in a taxi. You will 
  17. Your neighboring house caught fire. You will 
  18. You were walking in isolated place and you were attacked by communal protesters. You will 
  19. You have cancer and you will die in another two weeks. You will 
  20. You have got two different instructions from two bosses which are in conflicting nature. You will 
  21. Two old men are walking on the busy road and few bikers were misbehaving with them. You will 
  22. Your parents want to marry you to a girl against your lover. You will 
  23. You were going on bicycle and saw a bus was burning with flames and no water tank was near by. You will 
  24. You were trekking in hilly area and suddenly a snake bite you. No one was near by you. You will 
  25. You and your friends were trekking in jungle. You saw a tiger ready to attack one of your friends. You will 
  26. Your car broke down in naxal area in the night. You will 
  27. You were going on expedition and you suspected that there are few thieves trying to steal bikes. You will 
  28. You are travelling in train and some thieves came and started to rob all passengers by threatening with arms. You will 
  29. You were on a vacation in Kullu Manali and while trekking you got frost bite. You will 
  30. Your son came and told that he wants to marry a girl belonging to another caste. You will 
Also check out confusing SRT questions asked in SSB interviews to get more idea on SRT tests. If you are not confident enough to answer good responses to some situations, we have exclusive "How to tackle SRT test questions?" for you to read.

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