Recent PPDT picture of NDA 132 SSB interview shown at Allahabad

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for recently shown PPDT pictures. Check out Picture Perception and Description Test picture shown at Allahabad selection board as described by the candidates who have attended the SSB interview recently.

Sample PPDT picture

As the season of SSB interviews is on its peak, we have brought latest PPDT picture that was shown at Allahabad SSB board to you here. This image was created using the inputs from candidates who have attended the interview recently. We have tried to show a picture which closely relate to the picture that has been showed in PPDT of Allahabad board recently on 20th January 2014.

  PPDT picture shown at NDA SSB Allahabad  

Practice for SSB interview by writing PPDT stories on our online SSB tests.

  In the picture there was an old man with a long beard and a woman reading the news paper. Picture was not that clear.

One of the candidate attending NDA 132 SSB interview has narrated the story as follows.
Pramod was a very kind boy. He helped all needy. He got many awards in the school. He helped the old man who was beggar.

Unfortunately the candidate could not complete his story as the time to write down the PPDT story was very less.

When the group discussion started on the picture shown in PPDT test of NDA 132 SSB interview, there were many arguments rose among the group members and no conclusion was made by the group. As a result complete group was washed out. No one from the group was able to get screened in.

So candidates who are about to appear in SSB interviews should concentrate on story writing of PPDT picture. Practice will only make you to write down the complete story in the time frame given.

Go on and write down your version of story here. Let us see how many candidates can write good story. Follow timings correctly. See the watch and you need to write down the story within four minutes time. It is better if you can write up story in a paper and then type it after time completes.

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Commented By : anjali sharma       Member Level :       Commented On : 20 Apr 2017       Points : 0      

Sunita was 40-45year lady.she had her own NGO .she always helped the poor and homeless day while reading a news paper she saw the old man pic. he looked very helpless.she deciced to meet him. next morning she met him.old man told her that his wife got expired.and had no one who cares him and also homeless. after knowing his story she took him with herself and gave him a place in her ngo where other people like him was also there. finally he got a shelter for him with the help of that kind lady

Commented By : SURYANADH       Member Level :       Commented On : 02 Mar 2017       Points : 0      

akhabar is king of india . At that he was walked in ruler in different person .He find out the one of person was studying news paper and cried. akhabar asked what happen why you are crying.the old man said that in this our crop was damaged due to the cyclones .akhabar return to his court and arrange the meeting with his ministers and take a good decision about the cyclones .

Commented By : jj       Member Level :       Commented On : 17 Feb 2017       Points : 0      

rahika is a 65 year old woman .she is only gradute in her village .she is the sarpanch of maanii vilaage .
one day she was reading news paper .she found that the government open a soil testing centre for farmers .
radhika share this news with the panch of the village mr.radhe mohan .after that both decided they will tell this news to the villagers

after that sarpanch give information the vilager about this centre ,then the farmers went to the centre with a sample of soil and the engineers told how much urea required in your soil or more things
the villagers follow the engineers idea and they observed that crop is very better as compare to the last years

Commented By : HARSHIT       Member Level :       Commented On : 27 Jan 2017       Points : 0      

Shalini was a 40 year old women. She was well qualified and worked as a professor in IIT Delhi. After years of work she realized her duty towards the country and also she need to provide environment for people in villages to grow for raising the condition of India. As a result she took voluntary retirement and moved to small town of kanhama in south Bihar. There she established a NGO to help people of village. In her great deed she was helped by many people of the village and most importantly a 90 year old person called Brijesh Chacha. Brijesh Chacha was one of the wisest person of the village and as every one followed his teaching , it helped shalini to form deep bonds with the villagers. Due to shalini's hardwork and brijesh chacha moral support she was able to decrease illiteracy in the village, form a community bank and provide modern technology tools for agriculture. Her work was recognized even by the the government and she was awarded for the same.

Commented By : Mayank Pandey       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 20 Dec 2016       Points : 2      

Radha is a 36 year old lady .She was Seemapur village pradhan .She was very agile and concerned about the livelihood of the villagers.She was the one of the few who could read the newspaper and used to share this information with the villagers through village gatherings .She used to help them at every step.
One day while reading the newspaper she found an article related to Krishi Vikas Yojana she read it in detail and got to know that under this all the villagers who were below poverty line can get stipend of rupees 5000 per month if they enroll themselves to new skill development scheme ran by govt.She immediately called the number provided in the article and gathered other information like how to enroll ,documents needed and other formalities.She discuss with her father as her father was the village sarpanch and convinced him by her plan and vision.
She assembled all the villagers late evening in her house and told them about the govt recent scheme to work ,learn and earn at the same time and ask them to submit there ration card and voter ids .
Next Morning she went to the PWD office with her father and registered all the villagers with the scheme.After a month all the villager were getting skill enhancement training and can earn for there livelihood.She went to other villages as well to spread the scheme so that more and more people could be benefited .She was happy as among the people most of them were children below 18 years.

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