5 Day SSB interview procedure and tips official video by South Selection Centre Bhopal | SSB interview tips to crack

24 February 2014

5 Day SSB interview procedure and tips official video by South Selection Centre Bhopal

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Official SSB interview procedure movie
Check out video on 5 day SSB interview procedure released by South Central Selection Board Bhopal here. All tests of GTO and psychology including medical examination process are covered up neatly by officers of SSB Bhopal. View the official SSB video released by Bhopal here.

Video spanning around 30 minutes on SSB interview procedure and tips for candidates has been released by the Selection Centre Bhopal.

Contents of the 5 day SSB procedure movie

In the beginning of the video, president of SSB Bhopal emphasise on the importance of joining Indian Army. Also all candidates are requested to bring original certificates along with two attested photocopies of all certificates. Also SSB Bhopal requests all candidates to bring the required things as laid down by the SSB call letter.

Then interviewing officer of SSB Bhopal explains the psychology tests. SSB interview will test three elements in a candidate namely Manasa, Vacha and Karmane.

Psychology tests will test a candidate's thoughts. Interview will assess speech. And GTO tests will be used to analyse deed or action.

First of all candidates need to report at Railway station or the place where SSB call letter says you to report. There SSB officials will come and take you to the selection center.

Opening address will be delivered by the duty officer and documentation process will start. Chest numbers will be allotted to all candidates.

Intelligence test will consists of verbal and non verbal questions. In PPDT a picture will be shown for 30 seconds and 4 minutes will be given for a candidate to write down the story. 

Then candidates will be screened in as per their performance. Then in this 5 day SSB interview video, SSB Bhopal GTO and interviewing officers will describe all required points concerned with GTO tests and interview. A picture of conference is also provided.

Thus, this official video on 5 day SSB interview procedure is an eye opener for all candidates. We recommend all candidates to check out this video before attending SSB interview.

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