Fierce gun battle underway at Nagrota Jammu and Kashmir

Terrorists attached Army camp in Nagrota of Jammu and Kashmir. Check out latest updates on terrorist attack here.

Terrorist attack on Army camp of Nagrota 

Today early morning terrorists attached Nagrota Army camp with grenades. The terrorists are suspected to be hiked up in the Army camp. It is believed that the attack was started at five in the morning. Presently two soldiers are injured by the terrorists. 

Meanwhile government has decided to shut down the schools in Nagrota to avoid casualties. 

It is still not clear how the terrorists have entered the Any camp of Nagrota. 

High alert had been issued in the nearby Army camp and already terrorists are cornered by the Army. 

This attack might be a warning signal for Indian defence for further attacks as the Pakistani Army Chief is set to retire today and he wowed publicly to avenge surgical strike carried out by Indian Army. 

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