SSB interview Intelligence Test on first day

Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 29, 2012

Shortlisted for SSB interview and want to know about intelligence test? Intelligence test is a key factor to get recommended by the interview board. Read more on SSB intelligence test and tips to crack intelligence test of SSB interview.

Intelligence test of SSB interview first day
  SSB interview is one of the toughest interviews in India. For those who are not aware of the various tests and their order, it becomes much more difficult to get recommended by Services Selection Board i.e., SSB.   Intelligence Test is the first test conducted on first day of SSB interview. First of all document verification process will be there. First of all the SSB candidates will be told to sit down in the chairs. After few minutes, an officer of interviewing board will come and introduce himself.   Initially sample SSB intelligence test booklet will be given to the candidates. You can just go through the sample test paper in order to get overview of actual intelligence test of SSB interview. Also you will be given answer sheet to fill the answers.   Generally the officer in-charge will discuss the questions and will help you how to find correct answers along with explanation. So be attentive to whatever the officer says there. If you have any doubts, then please do not hesitate to ask him even though the doubt is very silly.   After discussing the ten sample intelligence test questions, SSB officer will ask you to attempt ten questions as a practice. So go on and attempt the sample intelligence test questions. This is only to make you comfortable and nothing to do with the scoring or ranking.   Generally, SSB intelligence test will consist of verbal and non verbal reasoning questions. But if you are not that expert in verbal and non verbal reasoning, then also you will feel it very easy. Just apply the mind and be logical.   After the sample test is over, each candidate will be handed over with an intelligence question paper set. The question paper will consist of 50 questions and you will have 30 minutes time to solve them. Once the invigilator asks you to start the test, you can start answering the questions.   After thirty minutes are over, the SSB invigilators will ask you to stop writing. So do oblige and quickly put down your pen down. Otherwise if any invigilator finds you writing the test after the stipulated time period, you may be disqualified from the SSB interview itself.   After first set of intelligence test, you have to give another intelligence test set. This set will also have fifty questions and you will get thirty minutes to solve the questions.   After completing the reasoning exam, all question paper sets and answer sheets will be collected back from the candidates. After intelligence test is over, you have to give Picture Perception and DescriptionTest i.e., PPDT immediately.

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