Career as Short Service Commissioned Officer in Indian Navy

Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 30, 2012

Planning to apply for Short Service Commissioned officer post in Indian Navy and want to know career options as Indian Navy SSC officer? Check out career as a short service commissioned officer in Indian Navy along with benefits and demerits of SSC.

Naval SSC officers have to serve for minimum ten years in IN.

Career and life of Short Service Commissioned officer of Indian Navy

Indian Navy is responsible to protect the country from sea invaders. So it is always challenging to work in this ace defense force of our country. If you are a person who loves to work in the tougher conditions and would like to contribute to India as a soldier, then joining Indian Navy will be very much delightful for you.   Commissioned officers of Indian Navy are the one who get the maximum respect among all cadres. But being selected as an officer is also very challenging too. In commissioned officer cadre, there are two types of commissioning available. First type of commissioning is Permanent Commissioningand second one is Short Service Commissioning. Here, we will see about short service commission career in Indian Navy.   Initial term and maximum service of Short Service Commissioned Officers of Indian Navy Short Service Commissioned officers i.e., SSC officers of Indian Navy will be bound to serve for 10 years as initial engagement. After completion of the initial term of engagement, SSC officers can opt to serve for more four years in Indian Navy.   So as short service commissioned officer, you can serve in Indian Navy for a maximum of fourteen years. After completion of fourteen years of service, SSC officers will be discharged from the service. Let us see merits and demerits of SSC officer career.

Benefits of Indian Navy Short Service Commissioned officers

Indian Navy SSC officers enjoy lots of benefits as mentioned below.
  • Free world class training in technical aspects of a marine ship.
  • All SSC officers will be insured by Indian Navy Group Insurance policy for upto minimum 40 lakh rupees.
  • Short Service Commissioned personnel will get gratuity if they continue to serve in Indian Navy for fourteen years f service.
  • 60 days annual leave and 20 days casual leave is entitled in a year to the officers.
  • 40% train fare concession is given to the officers when they travel
  • Lots of opportunities to excel in the sports will be there for short service commissioned officers in Indian Navy.
  • As a part of Indian Navy code of conduct, the officers will stay fit mentally as well as physically at all times.
  • SSC officers of Indian Navy will lead a disciplined life.
  • Naval life will make the officers great leaders with good managerial skills.
  • After leaving Indian Navy, officers will get good jobs in either Merchant Navy or any other firm easily.

Demerits of Short Service Commissioned officers of Indian Navy

  • First of all after serving in Indian Navy for fourteen years, SSC officers will not enjoy the much delighted pension facility.
Apart from the above pension issue, there is no demerit of short service commissioning of Indian Navy.   Thus, we recommend Short Service Commissioned Officer post in Indian Navy as a bright career as you don’t require any experience to get a job. Indian Navy will provide world class training and make you proficient in Technical field allotted to you. So go on and apply for Short service commissioning in Indian Navy to have a bright career.

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