Lecturette of SSB interviews - tips, topics and testing process

Written by Ashis Dubey on Jan 10, 2013

Want to crack SSB interview and looking for best tips for lecturette? Read on to know what is lecturette, how to score full marks and best tips to.

Lecturette test is one of the many psychology tests conducted by SSB psychologists. 

  SSB interview is the final authority to decide whether a person is fit for becoming an officer in Indian armed forces or not. To test the credibility of a candidate, Services Selection Board conducts number of tests. Based on the overall score of SSB interview tests, SSB recommends few candidates for final selection.    In the SSB interview, psychology tests are very crucial for final selection. Lecturette is a psychology test as well as GTO test. So it is very important to perform well during the lecturette for sure shot success in the interview. Let us see how to top a lecturette test of SSB.

What is lecturette in SSB interview?

Lecturette is one of the tests conducted by SSB to judge the personality of the candidates. In the lecturette test, all candidates will be sitting in a single row according to the chest numbers allotted to them. On a table few cards will be kept. Group Testing Officer will instruct first candidate of the group to pick up any one of the card. In the card, there will be three topics given for delivering lecturette. And three minutes time will be given to the candidate to prepare for giving a lecture. First candidate will come and starts delivering the lecture. In the mean time, second candidate with next chest number will go and pick up one card. Second person will have three minutes time to prepare for lecturette. As soon as three minutes finishes, second candidate will come and deliver a lecture in front of all candidates. And the process goes on like this till the last member finishes his lecturette of SSB interview.  

Probable topics for SSB interview lecturette tests

Following are the most frequently asked topics during lecturettes of SSB interview.
  • Sportsmanship
  • Social Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Naxalism and growth
  • Women empowerment
  • Tourism of India
  • World Peace
  • Sex education
  • Child labour
  • Population control

SSB Interview lecturette test tips to score high marks

A lecturette spans around just three minutes. So to score high marks during a three minute test is very tough if taken lightly. Not only marks does matter but also overall impression of a candidate depends upon the SSB lecturette test performance. There are few aspects by which candidates can perform well in SSB lecturettes. 

Be confident while delivering lecturette

Confidence is the key factor to succeed in not only SSB interviews but also in any other competitive exams too. Starting from walking towards the desk to choose lecturette topic card to coming back to your seat after delivering the lecture, you should be confident. To look confident, you should do crisp actions with smartness. 

Acquire knowledge about frequently asked topics and burning issues in India and world

Knowledge is a real mirror of a person. One have to be knowledgeable to showcase one's knowledge about an issue. When it comes to delivering a lecturette, knowledge plays a vital role in the success rate of a person's lecturette delivery. Without knowledge you may not have sufficient data to speak for three minutes on the selected topic. To gain knowledge, go through various lecturette topics and current affairs.

Maintain the body language while delivering lecturette in SSB interview

All candidates who wish to top in lecturette tests of SSB should work upon their body language. While delivering the lecturette, one should not demonstrate negative or aggressive body language. We recommend that candidate delivering the lecture should make minimum body moments including hand gestures and leg moments. One should stand erect on both legs and deliver the speech confidently.

So follow above tips to top the lecturette of SSB. Don't panic while delivering and be confident. You will definitely score good marks in lecturette if you have prepared well.


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