List of recommended service personnel at No.3 AFSB

Written by Ashis Dubey on Jan 15, 2013

Looking for AFSB recommended list of No. 3 Air Force Selection Board? Recently 3 AFSB has conducted SSB interview last week. Read on to know about the recommended list of 3 AFSB of service persons in final conference.

It was 07 January 2013 and the weather was perfect when 58 young, dynamic and in service personnel reported in MCO at Gandhinagar railway station of Gujarat. They all were keen to go through grueling five day SSB interview to test their chances of becoming an officer. Soon they were taken to the No. 3 AFSB Gandhinagar campus in a service coach from the railway station.

After having breakfast, all 58 candidates entered the examination hall for the first time to appear for first day SSB tests. On the first day, SSB conducts Intelligence test and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP&DT). According to the performance in both tests, candidates are shortlisted.

No. 3 AFSB located at Gandhinagar has shortlisted 16 candidates from 58 candidates. Candidates who are not shortlisted by SSB were sent back to their homes. Shortlisted candidates first undergone through document verification process at SSB. In document verification, two candidates were sent back as they were unable to provide required documents.

Thus, batch was shortened and left with only 14 candidates. The batch was once again divided into two groups comprising of seven candidates in each group.

Both groups were tested by N0. 3 AFSB officers to check whether any one of them is suitable for becoming an officer in Indian Air Force or not. On fifth day of SSB interview, conference was held and the results were announced by the SSB board.

All candidates were first disappointed with the results as no one was recommended by 3 AFSB. But soon they became positive as at least they were shortlisted for the second phase. They returned to their homes with great confidence to return to No 3 AFSB in the next round of SSB interviews through AFCAT 01/2013.

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