Self description test of SSB interviews

Written by Ashis Dubey on Jan 03, 2013

Want to crack SSB interview with ease? Self description test is one of the most important tests of interviews. Read on to know about what self description test is and expert tips to write best self description in SSB interviews.

SSB interviews are conducted to select suitable candidates for officer posts in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. In order to check the personality of candidates, SSB interview boards conducts many tests during interviews. Self description test is also one of the various psychology tests of SSB interview to check the personality of candidates.   Generally self description test is conducted on the second day of SSB interviews. As the name suggests, self description is the test in which all candidates have to write about themselves in detail. Questions asked in self description test will appear very casual questions but they are internally very helpful to analyse a candidate's personality.    There are total six questions for civilian candidates and an additional question will be there for service personnel. Knowing about self description test questions will definitely help you in preparing for SSB interviews.  

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Questions of self description test of SSB interviews

Let us see the various description questions asked during the SSB interview.

What I think of myself?

First and foremost question of SD test will be "What I think of myself?". All candidates need to write down a detailed description about themselves. You will have limited words in which you have to explain about yourself. It is recommended to write down your educational background, physical strengths, and hobbies. Also you should mention your attitude towards cultural activities and religion. If possible, write down your economical status too.   

What my parents think of me? 

Second question of self description test will be about what your parents think about you. So here, you need to write about your parents opinion on you. Try to bring out the positive aspects of their opinion and also you can mention few things of your personality which annoys your parents.   

What my teachers think of me?

In the third question candidates will be asked to write down opinion of their teachers. Teachers are the most suitable and dependable sources of giving correct opinion about their student's personal traits. So you need to write down what you feel.  

What my friends think of me?

Friends are very close to us and our overall personality depends upon the personality of our friends too. We can say a lot about a person by looking at his friends. So fourth question of SSB interview asks you to write down what your friends think about you. So go on and write down the opinion of your friends.  

What my enemies think of me?

Enemies are also good source to find out the character of a person. If a person is rude or arrogant, he is likely to have enemies who have soft personality. So you have to write down what your enemies think about you and why they became enemies to you.   

Qualities I would like to develop in myself

A living person keeps on improving his personality till his death. If a person stops to improve himself, he will not be worth living. All candidates might have few drawbacks in them and definitely most of them might have an idea to improve few qualities to better themselves. So here, you need to write about various qualities which you think to improve upon in the near future.  

Opinion of my boss about me

A boss also do know about your strengths and weaknesses in detail as he closely monitors your performance. So your boss's opinion about you will greatly decide your personality. So here, you need to write both positive and negative opinion of your boss about you. This question is mainly asked to candidates who are serving in defence forces. If you are working in a private company, you may also plan accordingly as SSB officers may ask you this question.   So these six questions are very helpful for SSB psychologists to judge personality of a candidate. Then they will match up these qualities with those qualities derived from other psychology tests such as WAT, TAT, SRT. So write down carefully and also it is recommended that candidates should write down their original personality traits without hiding anything. You need to know how to write good self description in SSB interviews.

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