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Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 26, 2013

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for tips to score good marks? In order to crack SSB interview candidates need to showcase officer like qualities during the interview. Read on more to know best methods to initiate PPDT test.

Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) is one of the most important tests conducted by Services Selection Board (SSB) on first day of SSB interview. As all know, in ppdt test a hazy picture will be shown to all candidates who wish to join Indian armed forces as an officer.

Picture perception and description test is the only exam which will be considered for screening in the candidates for second phase of testing. So it becomes very vital to have good score in this test. In PPDT test of SSB interviews, Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) are checked by the trained psychologists.

Initiative quality is one of the most important officer like qualities. Ppdt is the best test of SSB interview to showcase initiative quality.
  To crack SSB interview, you need to pass the screening test.

When can a candidate can show initiative quality during PPDT test of ssb interview?

After reading up to this point, first question that would come through reader's mind is when can I show initiative quality in SSB interviews. Best time to showcase initiative quality in ssb interview's ppdt test is when the last person finishes his story narration. After the last person finishes telling the story, generally an officer of services selection board will tell the batch to start discussion and come up with a common story. Many times the interviewing officer may give instructions to start the discussion automatically after all candidates finish telling the story on the shown picture of ppdt test. No mater whichever the case may be, all candidates will have ample opportunity to showcase their officer like quality.

If the ssb psychologist instructs you to start discussion automatically after individual story narration, look out for the last candidate's narration and as soon as he finishes, try to initiate the discussion. If the officer do not implicitly tell to start discussion automatically, then don't start the discussion and wait for the instructions.

Methods to start the discussion during ssb ppdt test

There are many ways to start or initiate the discussion of picture perception and description test of ssb interview. Let us see which methods will fetch good impression and which may damage the impression.

Brief initialisation

Brief initialisation case is the most common method of beginning a discussion in ppdt test. Most of the ssb coaching institutes insist on initialising the discussion by any means. Though these coaching institutes of ssb interviews are correct to some extent, if candidate tries to adopt brief initialisation method to start the discussion, it may create negative impression on the ssb psychologists who are testing the candidates. Brief initialisation means to just start the discussion by saying - ok friends let us start discussion.

Many coaching centres emphasise on this type of brief introduction. If a candidate will say this brief introduction and keep quite for rest of the discussion, ssb officials will easily make out that the candidate has been trained by some coaching centre. The moment ssb officials know that a candidate has undergone training or coaching somewhere, they will be extra cautious while judging that candidate.

Wait don't come to conclusion that all candidates who will adopt brief initialisation method will make negative impression on ssb interviewing officers. If a candidate starts the discussion briefly and later on he actively participates during the ppdt group discussion, he will definitely create a good impression.

Lengthy initialization

Lengthy initialisation approach is followed by few ssb aspirants. In lengthy initialisation method too while few candidates create good impression others end up with a negative impression. This method involves candidate saying to start the discussion and continue to narrate his version of story once again and ends up after a while. This approach of initiating ppdt group discussion is somewhat better than short initialisation method. But this method is also not the best method if the candidate do not participate afterwards.

Moderate initialisation and continuous participation

This is the best approach for candidates who wish to pass ssb interview's ppdt test and get screened in.

In this approach candidate will give brief introduction about the picture shown in ppdt test and then let others speak. As and when he gets chance the candidate will put up his points. By moderate initialisation one will look as genuine candidate and continuous participation will be an added advantage.

Generally twenty five percent weightage will be given for the candidate who will initialise the discussion.

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How to start a brief discussion in PPDT?I don't know what to say infront of the accessors.

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