How to show initiative quality in group discussion of ssb interviews

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 26, 2013

About to appear in SSB interview group discussions and want tips to show initiative officer like quality? Psychologists of SSB board looks whether a candidate has OLQs in him or not. Read on to know about proving initiative quality in the SSB GD.

Generally group discussions are conducted on day 2 or day 3 of SSB interviews. In group discussions, GTO will check whether any candidate have Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) in him or not. Initiative quality is one of the most important quality checked in group discussion test. Candidates who have failed to show initiative quality in Picture Perception & description Test can show this OLQ in group discussion.   Group discussions of SSB interviews will have ten minutes time for a batch to discuss. GTO will give two topics and will ask the group to discuss among themselves and choose a topic to discuss.   During the discussion, available interviewing officers observe all candidates very carefully. Atmosphere of group discussion will be made very friendly and officers of SSB will behave as if they are least bothered about discussion. But they actually observe keenly about all happenings.   Candidates will be instructed by SSB GTO to discuss as if there is no one present and also they will be told not to distract from discussion when any one comes to the group discussion place. We suggest all candidates appearing SSB interviews to follow the instructions and not to look at SSB officials.  

Best opportunities to display initiative quality in SSB group discussions

There are two opportunities available for all candidates to show initiative officer like quality in SSB group discussion.
  First opportunity is when the GTO of SSB tells two topics and let the batch choose one topic to discuss. A candidate can initiate here by saying "hello friends let us choose best topic to discuss" or may suggest a particular topic to discuss giving reasons of suggesting that topic. A candidate who starts by saying general sentences as let us choose, will have less impact on the officials. Candidates who suggest topic and give valid reasons on why that topic is good to be discussed upon will get good impression and thus will score few extra marks.   Second opportunity comes when whole group agrees upon a common topic to discuss. After GTO gives green signal to discuss on the topic, once again a candidate can initiate discussion by saying "friends, let us give chance to all and discuss" or in similar fashion. Candidate starting group discussion of SSB in this way will have some weightage but he will not be able to create positive impression.   When a candidate starts the discussion by jotting out valid points related to the topic, then that candidate will definitely impress SSB officials and prove that he has initiative officer like quality in him. In order to initiate group discussion candidates need to practice probable SSB group discussion topics before appearing the interview.

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