Privileges and facilities provided to commissioned officers of Indian Army, Air Force and Navy

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 20, 2013

Want to become an officer in Indian armed forces and looking for privileges provided to commissioned officers? Indian Government gives many facilities to commissioned officers. Read on to know about facilities and privileges of commissioned officers.

Indian armed forces job is very tedious and requires some extra courage for it. Persons who are dedicated to serve country are selected by SSB by conducting SSB interviews as officers. To keep high moral among all commissioned officers, Indian government gives good amount of pay with grade one pay scale / pay band. Also many allowances are given for serving commissioned officers of Indian Army, navy and air force. Here in this article we have provided benefits of armed forces officers. The benefits listed here are applicable to all officers irrespective of type of commissioning.  

Medical facilities

Today as the technology has increased tremendously and almost every disease has a cure, our medical expenses have increased many folds. Now and then medical attention is needed by the family members. All armed forces have best medical establishments to take care of smallest to biggest diseases of it's personnel. Officers enjoy these medical facilities for free of cost. Also family of commissioned officer gets medical benefits. After retiring also officers and their families get free medical services for a nominal one time payment.

Canteen facility of officers

Second best facility given to Indian armed forces officers is the canteen facility given by the government. Day by day prices of all grocery and FMCG items are increasing continuously. There are canteens available in all Army, Air Force and Navy units through which all officers may buy grocery items, beauty products, electrical items, clothing and many more items in discounted price. With canteen facility quality of the items is also assured. Thus, officers of Indian armed forces gets canteen facilities irrespective of short service commissioning or permanent commissioning.

Free Ration

Army, Air Force and Navy officers get free ration on daily basis. Prices of all commodities of our daily ration are increasing with time. To protect officers and their families from inflation, Indian government provides free ration to the officers who are staying with their families. Tea, rice, dal, eggs, seasonal vegetables, salt, seasonal fruits and all other required ration is delivered to homes of officers. Thus commissioned officers need not to purchase any ration while serving in the armed forces.

Mess facility of unmarried commissioned officers

All defence units have officers messes to provide food for bachelor and spinster officers. Officers not married can have their breakfast, lunch and dinner in the mess for free of cost. Only nominal mess maintenance charges are collected by officer messes from dining officers. An officer may go to mess and order his favourite food. These officers messes of Indian Army, Air Force and Navy does provide food for officers staying with their families if required for nominal prices. Many officers prefer to dine in the officer mess to avoid cooking and to save the time.

Sports facilities

There are abundant facilities of sports and games to serving officers and their families available in the vicinity of their residence. Sports keep us fresh and active. From basket ball courts to golf courts all sports and games facilities are provided for free of cost.
Housing loans and vehicle loans for commissioned officers
There are various societies available in Army, Air Force and Navy to provide housing and vehicle loans at lowest interest rates. An officer of Indian armed forces need not to worry about sky rocketing interest rates of home loans and loans for purchasing vehicles such as cars, bikes etc. Officers get loans very easily with minimal documents and they need not to worry about repaying them as the EMI amount is deducted directly from the salary.  

Scope of higher studies for officers

There are numerous opportunities and benefits for those officers who want to enhance their educational qualification. Officers get two years paid leave to pursue higher education which means all officers may avail two years to study and that too they will be paid full salary. In few cases, fees incurred for the higher studies is reimbursed to officers. Also one time educational allowance is awarded after successful completion of study. Technical officers of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have special quota in prestigious technical and management institutes such as IIMs and IITs to study M Tech and MBA.
  Above are few of the many benefits and facilities provided for defence officers in India.   Thus all these facilities make career as an officer in Army / Air Force / Navy very lucrative. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, hefty amount of salaries of Army officers makes it very attractive.

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Serving parents will not be considered as dependents of defence personnel and thus they will not be eligible for treatment in MH / BH/ RR and CGHS. If you fall under BPL category, then all facilities will be extended. Also if any major surgery / treatment required, then parents can get treatment by paying nominal amount.

By : Bharatbhushan       Member Level :       Commented On : 16 Mar 2017       Points : 0      

I would like to know if service officers mother is eligible to take treatment at MH if she is earning pension from state govt?

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