Air Force Academy (IAF) Dundigal

Written by Ashis Dubey on Mar 25, 2013

Want to know about location, how to reach and training schedule at Air Force Academy (AFA)? AFA is one of the best academies of Indian Defence Forces. Read on to know about Air Force Academy (AFA) Dundigal and courses conducted by AFA.

Air Force Academy AFA of Indian Air Force
Indian Air Force is an elite defence force of India since its inception. There are three types of recruitment held by IAF to fulfill officers vacancies i.e., National Defence Academy exam (NDA), Combined Defence Services examination (CDSE) and Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT). CDSE and NDA exams are conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). And AFCAT exam is organised by Indian Air Force to enroll officers into various branches of IAF. Basic training for officers recruited through CDSE and AFCAT will be held in Air Force Academy (AFA) Dundigal. Where as, officers recruited through NDA examination will undergo last one year training at AFA.

AFA of Indian Air Force was established in 1971 at Dundigal. Air Force Academy is dedicated to impart world class training to all Gentlemen Cadets and Lady Cadets (Candidates undergoing training will be called as Gentlemen Cadets and Lady Cadets) of Indian Air Force. Let us see types of training or courses conducted at Air Force Academy Dundigal.

Types of courses/training conducted at Air Force Academy (AFA)

Air Force Academy conducts various types of training to impart basic as well as advanced level of training to various branches of Indian Air Force ie., Flying branch, technical branch, administrative branch etc.

Flying branch training at Air Force Academy

Candidate recommended for Flying branch training will become pilot in Indian Air Force. Training for Flying branch officers is broadly divided into three stages. First stage of flying training at AFA includes technical training and will gradually take the trainees to practical demonstration of each and every subsystem of an aircraft. Ultimately, Air Force Academy flying training will take candidate to advanced level with elaboration of complex concepts. Also all trainee officers of Flying branch course need to undergo a course specific to Aviation medicine.

During Aviation program at Air Force Academy, you will be examined medically fit or not for flying. After medical checkups it will be checked whether you have air sickness or not. Air sickness is a sickness which is monitored among many pilots/people flying at high altitudes. There will be Yoga classes to overcome air sickness too. Also high altitude simulators will help the flying branch trainee officers to have feel of high altitude pressures.

Also AFA Dundigal provides flying training to all cadets who are recruited through NDA & NA examination for flying branch. Also National Cadet Corps are given flying training at Air Force Academy Hyderabad. Before the first stage of Flying training at AFA, all cadets are sent to Pre-Flying Training School located at Begumpet, Hyderabad. Duration of training at Pre-Flying Training School of Indian Air Force is six months. Candidates who successfully pass the training at Begumpet will be allowed to undergo Flying training at Air Force Academy in three stages each of 24 weeks duration.

First stage of AFA's flying training is common for all pilots. After successful completion of first stage training, based on the performance of the candidates, they will be allotted main stream such as Fighter pilots, Transport Pilots and helicopter pilots. Thus, stage II training of Indian Air Force pilots will make them proficient in flying the type of aircraft stream allotted to them. After completing Stage II training, all successful cadets will be given commissioned ranks i.e., Officer post in IAF and will further proceed to do Stage III training. After completing Stage III training, all pilot officers of IAF will be posted in various Air Force stations to fly the aircraft.

Air traffic Control Officers training

Air Traffic Officers training Establishment (ATCOTE) wing of Air Force Academy is responsible for conducting Air Traffic Control Officers training. Basic aim of Air Traffic Control Officers training at AFA is to train officers selected for Air Traffic Controller/Fighter Controller branches in controlling the aircraft for safe landings. Overall training imparts procedures of landing as per International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Also military training is imparted to the officers during this course as part of course.

Ground Duty Officers Training

All candidates selected for Ground Duty Officers Course will have to undergo Ground Duty Officers training. Ground Duty training includes Administrative, Meteorology, Logistics, Accounts and Education branch cadets. Ground Duty Officers training is of one year duration where management skills, branch related education and military training is given to all Gentlemen Cadets and Lady Cadets.

Aeronautical Engineering branches training

All candidates selected for various technical courses will have to undergo 22 weeks of basic training at Air Force Academy. In the Aeronautical Engineering branches training, candidates will be imparted military training and general service training. After passing out from AFA, candidates will undergo technical training at Air Force technical College, Bangalore.

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