Assessment of SRT answers of SSB aspirants by our psychologists

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 13, 2013

Looking for best SRT practice papers to crack SSB. Check out the suggestions and best way to show OLQs through SRT answers here.

Following answers are related to one individual person only that is Mr. Ani. All responses of Ani were related to our expected SRT questions. If you want to test your personality and improve your answering technique, please give the test before reading the suggestions here.

Dear Ani, Based on your answers our experts have analysed and provided tips for excelling Situation reaction test (SRT).   Some improvement is required for you to give best and natural responses to the questions so that you may show off your OLQs.    
  1. Before informing railway police, you need to pull the chain and stop the running train. Otherwise you will not be able to find out the thief.
  2.  Before inquiring about the stranger, it is better to ask your sister about the stranger. He might be her colleague or any other person other than her boy friend. It will show that you have more creativity and broad minded.
  3.  Third SRT answer is ok. It shows that you are responsible person and will not lose temper in tougher times. 
  4. In fourth answer of SRT, it shows that you are not sure about killing the snake. It will reflect poorly on the confidence and decision making ability. So you may answer that you will either jump back or kill the snake. 
  5. Fifth SRT answer is good. 
  6. In sixth answer also you are presenting yourself as low in confidence as you have little bit doubt in your mind that your parents may not convinced by you. SO you may tell that I will counsel them and make them live together once again. 
  7. It is better to counsel your aunty rather than telling your parents. 
  8. Eighth answer is ok.
  9. In ninth answer too you should be precise.
  10. Tenth answer is ok.
  11. Eleventh answer is ok.
  12. Twelfth answer is also ok.
  13. Thirteenth answer is ok.
  14. Fourteenth answer is also ok.
  15. It is better to convince your father than asking the reasons.
  16. Sixteenth answer is ok.
  17. Seventeenth answer of SRT test is ok.
  18. Eighteenth answer is also ok.
  19. Nineteenth answer shows that you are a sentimental guy. So try to be precise. So just you may answer that you will put your best efforts to make society better.
  20. Twentieth answer is ok.
  21. Twenty first answer is also ok.
  22. Just mention that you will convince them.
  23. Twenty third answer is also ok.
  24. Twenty fourth answer is also ok.
  25. Twenty fifth answer is also ok.
  26. Twenty sixth answer is also ok.
  27. Can you alone catch the thieves? If you are confident, then it is a good answer.
  28. Twenty eighth answer is also ok.
  29. Twenty ninth answer is also ok.
  30. In thirtieth answer, though you have mentioned that you will marry your son to the girl he loves, you have exposed that you have some caste feelings.
We feel that you may get around 65 to 70 % of marks in Situation Reaction Test of SSB. Check out confusing SRT situations and how to tackle SRT test to perform better in SSB interviews.

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