Command Task of SSB interviews - tips to show OLQs to GTO

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 14, 2013

Are you going to appear in SSB interviews and want to know about Command Task GTO test. Read on to know about best tips to show OLQs in Command task of SSB interview and top the score card.

Command task is important test of GTO tests as it explores OLQs of an individual as a leader. 

Command task is one of the most challenging outdoor GTO tests of SSB interviews. It becomes most important and demanding because it explores Officers Like Qualities of leadership quality, decision making, problem solving and commanding quality of a candidate.

What is Command task test?

Command task test as its name suggests is a test in which a candidate need to command and accomplish a task. Like in HGT or PGT, in Command task test, candidates need to complete an obstacle. Each and every individual is given a team of three candidates and asked to command them and complete an obstacle. In this task, each candidate is made as commander who can choose three candidates in his team to accomplish the task. Command task is very important because in this test, you will have full opportunity to showcase problem solving and commanding ability to the GTO.

Tips to top Command task

First of all you need to select three team members according to the task. So you need to choose all three candidates according to the task. If the task includes to cross 6 feet distance using wooden plank, then it is better to choose thin or slim candidates who can do the task easily. After choosing the team mates, when the GTO tells to start the task, command the team and accomplish the task. Think logically and plan the things by which you can complete the task. You should do it in shortest possible way and with minimum efforts.

While you are chosen as a team member in Command task, just follow the command do it sincerely. That's the requirement of a team member. So just obey the orders quickly. While you are working in a team also your actions will be observed closely and will be judged accordingly.

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