Tips for repeaters to crack SSB interviews

Written by Ashis Dubey on Apr 23, 2013

Were you conference out candidate in SSB interview and looking for best SSB interview tips for repeaters? SSB testing of repeaters is slightly different from testing of a fresher. Read on to know about how repeaters can crack SSB interviews.

 Name of candidate : Navaneeth   Query regarding best tips for SSB interview repeaters and forthcoming notifications for CSE Engineering graduates.   I was a candidate of 10+2 TES 2013 and I was conferenced out in the SSB conducted in Banglore. I knew I gave my best out there but was not truthful in Interview. I was damn sure that I would get recommended but they turned me down. I would like to know any recent openings for me if available and some advises for tackling SSB next time.I was born on 11 January 1994 and has currently completed my 4th semester in engineering(CSE).Kindly reply soon.   SSB interviews are conducted by Services Selection Board or Air Force Selection Board. These boards orgainises 5 day interview to test whether a candidate have required OLQs in him or not. If the board officers found that a candidate do have all required Officers Like Qualities, they will recommend that candidate for commissioning as an officer in Indian Armed Forces.   If the board does not find that particular candidate lacks few qualities of a leader, then the board will conference out such candidates. Once a candidate is conference out by the board, cracking SSB interviews and getting recommended by the board will become very difficult for the candidate. Though it becomes difficult for repeaters to be recommended by the selection board, it is not impossible.   By following few simple SSB tips, one can excel the tests of SSB interviews and thus will surely crack SSBs. In order to pass SSB interview, one must be well aware of all tests conducted by the board during five day testing. Also one needs to be aware of various Officers Like Qualities that are tested by the psychologist and Group testing Officer.   If you are not sure of these tests, please read SSB interview books and have knowledge about complete testing procedure or go through our articles to gain decent knowledge. Once you have fair amount of idea on all tests, you need to be practical. Practicing WAT, TAT, Self Description, PIQ will definitely help you out in cracking the SSB interviews.   GTO tests of SSB interviews are very important and tricky ones for all candidates appearing in the interviews. If you feel that you are weak in GTO tests, please take coaching in any one of the best SSB coaching academies inIndia or nearby your home. During the coaching, pay attention to all instructions and tips that are suggested by ex GTO officers. Try to participate as much as possible in various Group Discussions and lecturette.   Reading books and attending SSB coaching will not ensure success in the interviews. You need to prepare well for the interview in all respects. From dressing for SSB interviews to gaining knowledge on current affairs of national and international events, every point should be covered by you. If you are weak in spoken English, please correct your spoken English well in advance so that you may speak up confidently in SSB interviews. If you feel you are weak in GTO, increase your stamina by doing exercises regularly.   Repeaters need to be more careful while participating in GTO tests as level of GTO will be slightly raised for the repeaters. Thus, one needs to be good at GTO when attending SSB for second or third chance.

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