Engineering and M.Sc branches eligible for TGC course

About to apply for TGC course of Indian Army and looking for eligible branches of engineering and M.Sc for applying TGC? Indian Army allows candidates with selected engineering discipline branches. Check out the eligible branches of TGC.

Technical Graduate Course or commonly known as TGC, is a course conducted by Indian Army to recruit and train engineers of India for its technical branches. Only few engineering and M.Sc branches are eligible for TGC course.

Candidates who have studied following branches of Engineering degree are eligible to apply for TGC course.
  • Civil 
  • Mechnical 
  • Electrical 
  • Electrical & Electronics 
  • Automobile 
  • Workshop Technology 
  • Aeronautical 
  • Aviation 
  • Aerospace 
  • Ballistics 
  • Avionics 
  • Computer Sc. & Engg. 
  • Computer Technology 
  • Info Tech 
  • Electronics & Telecom 
  • Telecommunication 
  • Electronics & Microwave 
  • Electronics & Instrumentation 
  • Instrumentation 
  • Architecture 
  • Building Construction Technology 
  • Food Tech 
  • Bio Tech 
  • Bio Medical Engg 
  • Chemical Engg 
  • Metallurgy & Explosives 
  • Metallurgical Engg
  • Industrial 
  • Manufacturing Engg 
  • Industrial Engg & Mgt 
  • Production 

M.Sc. branches eligible for TGC

Only one branch of M.Sc degree is eligible for TGC course. Candidates who have studied M.Sc. with Computer Science may apply for Technical Graduate Course.   Apart from TGC, Indian Army conducts SSC Tech entry course to recruit technical officers.

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