Blank TAT picture story for SSB interviews - Pursuing higher education

Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 01, 2013

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for blank TAT picture story? In Picture Perception and Description Test of SSB and Thematic Apperception Test candidates need to write sample stroy about shown picture. Check out sample best PPDT and TAT story.

TAT and PPDT test of SSB interviews are very crucial as they are main deciding tests to judge a candidate's personality. Thus, aspirants who want to crack SSB interviews should lay emphasis on story writing skills. One may develop the skills of picture based stories by keeping great ideas in mind. Writing best stories in PPDT and TAT will reveal Officers Like Qualities of a candidate and thus chances of getting recommended by SSB board will increase. Sample PPDT / TAT Story on pursuing higher education Mr A Khan had completed his B.Sc. studies. He wanted to go in for higher studies. He went to his teachers for guidance. The teachers told him about the GRE exam. He collected all the information required from is teachers, educational seminars and from exhibitions. He collected the study material, prepared a timetable and followed it. Consulted more books and planned a strategy to write answer priority wise. He set for examination and cleared it. Thus he went abroad for doing his M.Sc. in Bio Chemistry and Genetics. Hope you have got good experience on how to write best TAT and PPDT picture stories.

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