Sample Thematic Apperception Test story for blank slide

Written by Ashis Dubey on Oct 11, 2013

Wondering what story to write in TAT blank picture. Is your SSB interview is scheduled in near future and want to read sample TAT stories for blank slide? Check out best story for blank slide shown in TAT test of SSB interviews here.

Thematic Apperception Test of SSB interview consists of many slides on which candidates should form a story. But typically last slide is kept as blank slide. When a new candidate who is appearing in SSB interview for the first time sees it, he will get puzzled. So blank slide of TAT is the real testing phase. Story written by the candidate for blank slide may become very crucial in revealing inner Officers Like Qualities of a candidate. Here we have provided sample stories for blank TAT picture. 

Sample TAT story on blank picture

Sunil’s father had transferable job hence he had many friends. He wrote to all of them regularly and shared nodes with them. One day he received a friend’s letter informing him about his coming to Sunil’s place. Sunil welcomed his friend at the railway station and made lodging arrangements for him. Following day he took him for visiting the historical monuments and day after for shopping. Next day he met a friend went for a movie and saw some other beautiful places and spots of the city. Ten Sunil ensured a reservation for return journey for his friend. While seeing him off, Sunil presented a bracelet to his friend as a mark of friendship. Thus he made his visit a memorable one.

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