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Written by Ashis Dubey on Dec 01, 2013

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for hot SSB group discussion topics? Whether beauty pageants should be encouraged in India is the currently hot discussion topic. Check out complete information on beauty pageants.

SSB GD topic - Whether beauty pageants should be encouraged in India?

a) YES
b) NO

Napoleon said " You give me good mothers and I will give you a good nation". But in present time the statement is little bit modified, where it says " Pretty, good-looking and Charming women represents a good, beautiful Nation". Gone are those days when women were subjected and concentrated to their homes looking after the kids and their families. With changing time a lot of changes can be seen and fell. When women in every field is emerging as a successful example. Be it Aishwarya Rai as Miss World or be it Kalpna Chaw la. Indian women are touching heights of sky in even profession. And one such profession is Fashion Industry and Modeling.

Beauty pageants should be encouraged

Beauty Pageants is one such platform that not only brings our country to the center stage in the International Arena but also women gets recognition. Our representatives to the various international beauty contests have won the top laurels and honours making us aware that Indian women are the best in the world. The first Indian woman to become the Miss World was Rita Faryain 1960 and from 60's till date we have come a long way. Winning such crowns has given our beauty industry a breakthrough in the international market. It has opened doors for our Herbal Beauty Products, which are now exported to all most all the foreign countries in large quantities.

Another advantage is that the young generation is updated with the latest and trendiest Clothes, Jewelry and Accessories in the market. Job Prospects have flourished and today students can opt for Designing Clothes and Jewelry as their career. They also gain advertisement promotionals. The Travel and the Hotel Industry is also benefited. When the Contestants go for the Miss Universe or Miss World Titles to other countries there is a healthy interaction and exchange of views between them. Such events act as a platform which others want to emulate. In a country like ours where the literacy rate among women is quite low it will certainly help in enhancing the Education Level of women.

Beauty pageants should not be encouraged

Indian Culture is very deep rooted. No matter how much we become open in our thinking or be modernize, the outlook towards life is still narrow and orthodox. Even today our society does not allow late nights for girls. Old men and women may not like it and insist on stopping such events purely on the grounds of obscenity. Marriages are solemnanizesd by matching "Horoscopes" and "Kundalis". So the question of accepting modeling as a career is mind-boggling even today.

No doubt the Beauty Contests helps in developing and enhancing the overall personality but it is having an adverse effect on our young generation also. At this juncture of life, children should concentrate on their academics but they are easily carried away by the glamour. Fashion and Modeling have a very short life span. There is no job security. The only thing is that it is a highly paid profession and one becomes a media personality. Another disadvantage is that this profession is demanding and requires fresh faces. So the people get used to Drugs to keep themselves fresh, fit and young. Examples are Fardeen Khan and Sanjay Dull. Apart from this such pageants are even in controversies initiated by some organisation. The protestors alleged that this would waste third world resources and labour.


As a matter of fact, modeling and beauty contests go hand in hand and it is a very creative idea that has touched its peak in India where the basic requirement is good health, an attractive personality with good socio-economic and educational background.

Certain changes should be brought in the system. More emphasis should be made to check the caliber, intelligence level than mere looks. Only those having a good Educational records with participation in other extra-curricular activities should be selected. From this year Fa-Femina Miss India introduced a new category where the contestants had to show their talents like Singing. Dancing. Mono-acting. Another modification that can be brought is that the age should be limited. The management committee should select only those young boys and girls who have attained 18 years for campaigns and ramp show. Major attention should be paid for the upliftment of women. They should be imparted with the knowledge of benefits of good health. Exercises. Yoga and a good healthy balanced diet to keep themselves both physically and mentally fit.

Modem men who are fascinated by the bright eye-efficiency, energy, intelligence and well groomed appearance of the women, who appear on the television or film screen, stage or beauty contests wish their wives and sisters too look good fit. Well-decorated and beautiful but in a good decent manner with simplicity in addition to being intelligent and smart. So apart from conducting beauty contests, separate schools and academies should be set up for teenagers, housewives. Professional ladies and even for the old people.
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