Ranks and salaries of Indian Air Force officers

Written by Ashis Dubey on Dec 19, 2013

Want to know ranks and seventh pay commission salaries of Indian Air Force officers? IAF offers handsome salary and progress in ranks of its commissioned officers. Check out Indian Air Force officer ranks and salaries after seventh pay commission.

Indian Air Force officers salary and ranks

IAF Officers Salary and Ranks

Indian Air Force officer post is one of the best posts of India to join. As IAF gives good salary and career progression to its commissioned officers, most of the youth want to become an officer in this elite force.


Ranks and 7th Pay Commission Salaries of Indian Air Force Officers
Rank of Indian Air Force Officer  Basic Pay MSP
Flying Officer Rs. 56,100  Rs. 15,500
Flight Lieutenant Rs. 61,300 Rs. 15,500
Squadron Leader Rs. 69,400 Rs. 15,500
Wing Commander Rs. 1,16,700 Rs. 15,500
Group Captain Rs. 1,25,700 Rs. 15,500
Air Commodore Rs. 1,34,400 Rs. 15,500
Air Vice Marshal Rs. 1,44,200 Nil
Air Marshal HAG Scale Rs. 1,82,200 Nil
Air Marshal Apex Scale Rs. 2,05,400 Nil
Air Chief Marshal Rs. 2,50,000 Nil

Flying Officer (Fg Offr)

Flying officer rank is the first and foremost rank awarded to all Gentleman Cadets and Lady Cadets on completion of their training.

Seventh Pay Commission Pay of Flying Officer

A Flying Officer of IAF will get starting basic pay of Rs. 56100 per month. Apart from basic pay, flying officers will get Rs. 15,500 as Military Service Pay (MSP). Grade pay is abolished by the seventh pay commission.

Sixth Pay Commission Pay to Flying Officer

A Flying Officer of Indian Air Force gets 15600 rupees as pay band, 5400 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees Military Services Pay (MSP).

Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt)

Flight Lieutenant is the second rank of commissioned officers of IAF. After serving as Flying Officers for two years, IAF promotes a Fg Offr to Flt Lt.

Pay as per 7th CPC

Flight Lieutenants of IAF are placed in 10B pay matrix and starting basic pay of a Flight Lieutenant is Rs. 61,300 as per the 7th CPC. MSP of Rs. 15,500 will also be admissible to officers in the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

Pay as per 6th CPC

A Flt Lt gets pay band / scale in 15600 - 39100 rupees. Also a Flight Leiutenant gets 6100 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees MSP.

Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr)

Flight Lieutenants get promoted to the rank of Squadron Leaders after 5 years of service.

Squadron Leader salary as per Seventh Pay commission

A Squadron Leader of Indian Air Force will draw starting basic pay of Rs. 69,400 and is placed under pay matrix 11 by the Seventh Pay Commission. He will also get Rs. 15,500 as MSP.

Pay as per 6th Pay Commission 

A Squadron Leader of Indian Air Force gets around 6600 rupees as grade pay. Pay band of Sqn Ldr is same as Flying Officer and Flt Lt. Also MSP received by Squadron Leader is 6000 rupees.

Wing Commander (Wg Cdr)

Wing Commander is the immediate higher rank after Squadron Leader. At present an officer of Indian Air Force will be promoted to the rank of Wing Commander after 13 years of service.

Salary of IAF Wing Commander as per seventh pay commission

When an officer gets promoted to Wing Commander, his salary rises sharply. A Wing Commander will draw basic pay of Rs. 1,16,700 rupees and also he is entitled to draw Rs. 15,500 as MSP.

Salary as per 6th CPC

A Wing Commander of Indian Air Force gets pay band of 37400 - 67000 rupees per month. Grade pay of 8000 rupees and MSP of 6000 rupees.

Group Captain (Gp Capt)

Wing Commander is promoted to Group Captain rank.

Starting Basic pay of Group Captain rank officer after implementation of Seventh Pay Commission is Rs. 1,25,700. He will get additional Rs. 15,500 as MSP.

Salary as per 6th Pay Commission

A Group Captain of IAF gets 8700 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees as Military Service Pay. An officer of Group Captain rank in IAF gets around one and a half lakh rupees per month as salary.

Air Commodore (Air Cmde)

Group Captain rank officers are further promoted to the rank of Air Commodore.

Starting basic pay of an Air Commodore is fixed as Rs. 1,34,400 by the Seventh Pay Commission. Air Commodores will also draw Rs. 15,500 as MSP.

Earlier an Air Commodore rank officer of IAF used to get 8900 rupees as grade pay and 6000 rupees as MSP.

Air Vice Marshal (AVM)

Air Commodores of IAF are promoted to the rank of Air Vice Marshal (AVM).

As per the Seventh Pay Commission, starting basic pay of an AVM rank officer will be Rs. 1,44,200. AVMs of IAF will not get Military Service Pay.

As per 6th CPC, Air Vice Marshal used to draw 10000 rupees as grade pay. An AVM of Indian Air Force was not entitled for MSP.

Air Marshal

After AVM, Air Marshal is the next rank of Indian Air Force.

Air Marshal's basic pay may be Rs. 1,82,200 or Rs. 2,05,400 as per their scale. HAG Scale Air Marshals will draw lesser basic and Apex scale Air Marshals will draw more basic pay as per the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations.

Pay as per 6th CPC

There are two salary structure for officers in the rank of Air Marshal. First pay band structure is 67000 - 79000 rupees for HAG scale officers. Second pay band is 75500 - 80000 rupees for Apex scale officers. An Air Marshal does not get grade pay and MSP.

Air Chief Marshal

Highest working rank of Indian Air Force is Air Chief Marshal.

As per the seventh pay commission, basic pay of Air Chief Marshal is fixed as Rs. 2,50,000.

Earlier Air Chief Marshal of Indian Air Force got 90000 rupees fixed pay band per month. Air Chief Marshal also did not got any MSP or grade pay.

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Salary of a flying officer in Indian Air Force is same irrespective of his intake exam /entry. However as NDA cadets tend to become flyers, additionally they will get flying allowance.

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What is the salary of flying officer in air force of NDA cadets

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