Army UES SSB Bangalore experience of recommended candidate Abhishek

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 04, 2014

Looking for SSB interview experience of recommended candidates? Check out complete experience of UES SSB interview by Abhishek who has cracked SSB in his first attempt.

UES SSB experience by recommended candidate    Read on to know about PPDT image given, GD topics asked and tips to pass SSB from recommended candidate.
  Well we had to report SSB South Selection Centre Bangalore for UES entry on 28th January 2014. My center was in Bangalore, so I went to the railway station and reported at the MCO. SSB Bangalore officials took us in the bus. We reached there by around 4 pm. Then we were divided in groups according to our registration numbers like SUG, SUX, SUL and so on. After we were divided into groups, our documents were verified. Guys if at all you people are in 4thyear of engineering it is necessary to carry bonafide certificate or else you will be sent back. Many SSB aspirants without bonafide certificate were sent home. So kindly carry a photocopy of 10th, 12th, engg marks card and various other documents depending on the type of entry. You need 4 photos initially. If you are recommended you need another 5 or 6 photos. So as far as I know these are the documents required for attending UES SSB interview. So by the time the verification got over it was around 0730 PM. Then we were allotted the chest nos and our cell phones were deposited which was very painful. Then we were allotted rooms and I was with 7 people from various states. We introduced ourselves, had dinner and then we slept.   In the early morning at 4 O'clock I had to take bath with cold water on a chilly morning which was the worst part and then we got ready. We were asked to assemble. We were around 250 candidates so they divided into 2 groups. Few had OIR and rest had PPDT. So OIR was pretty easy but everything depends on PPDT. Let me not get to the detail of PPDT I am sure everybody now what to do. Make sure you speak well and put your point forward. And yes you need to come to a common conclusion so do not fight with other group members and maintain unity among yourselves. Thats the key in getting screened in. The results were announced. Around 75 were screened in and then we were allotted another chest number which will be your chest number during rest 5 days of SSB interview. We were given cellphones again for 5more minutes to inform and then were take back. Then a new room was allotted. So made new friends again. Trust me in the 5 day stay at SSB Bangalore, I made around 100 friends. I can say I know people from around 24 states out of 28. Guys mind it - don't prefer to stay alone and not interact with your roommates because you are going to perform tasks with them. Defence is all about team work so make sure you show unity everywhere. Then on the next day we had TAT, WAT, SRT and SDT. The 12th blank slide which you get you can write a story on yourself. WAT and SRT are pretty simple. Apply your mind and answer them from heart. Don’t fake. So that ended my 2nd day of SSB interview.    Then we had GTO the 3rd day. Concentrate more on lecturette, individual obstacles, command task and group planning. This is where you are goin to show your individual skill. Also mind you nos don’t matter what matters is what and how you perform the task. If you feel you didn’t perform well in your group tasks you have these to compensate and show your skill. Read latest and current and burning topics for GD. On SSB 4th day, I had interview which lasted for about 1 hour and 10mins. Be yourself don’t fake around. Be natural and be yourself. Be prepared for any question based on the PIQ form you fill. Like I said, if you mention cricket as your hobby be prepared for any minute question on cricket. On the last day of SSB interview my conference lasted for 8 minutes. There is a general myth that more the time officers take before they call you inside the conference hall more you are in the border line. They took 10 mins before I was called. So I had few general questions. Then after the lunch results were declared. Total 10 candidates were recommended by SSB Bangalore for Indian Army UES course and I was one of them. General tips to crack SSB interview Dress well, cut your nails, comb well, take bath and look fresh. Always have a smile on your face. If you are not screened in or conference out, never mind. Work hard and come back again. Do not give up!   Also check out

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