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Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 21, 2014

Tired of searching for best SSB books. Check out ex-SSB GTO Natarajan's new book which is the best of the best for cracking SSB.

SSB Interview Complete Guide book Looking for Cdr NK Natarajan's book SSB Interview Complete Guide? After Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan withdrawing the publishing rights from Arihant publishers, Jaico has bagged the publishing rights and the fully revised edition is set to come out in the market. Check out topics covered and where to buy SSB Interview Complete Guide book written by Cdr NK Natarajan.

SSB Interview Complete Guide written by Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan and published by Arihant publishers is undisputedly the best SSB interview book till date. Each and every aspirant who is serious about getting through the interview has this book in his bookshelf and many candidates in the past have been benefitted.

After some dispute between Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan and Arihant publishers, Dr (Cdr) NK natarajan has withdrawn the publishing rights from Arihant. As Arihant publishers has lost its publishing rights, SSB Interview Complete Guide book is not available from past few days. Many candidates who want to buy this best SSB book were not able to find this book.

But there is a good news for all those candidates who want to read this book as Jaico publishers will be publishing the SSB Interview Complete Guide now. Soon this SSB book will be available in the market for sale.

Best SSB book new look

SSB Interview Complete Guide book by Jaico publishers is fully revised one and has lot of information in it related to SSB interview.

Latest trending group discussion and lecturette topics are included in the latest edition to provide best coaching material for the aspirants. Also complete SSB interview tests are fully covered up with valuable tips to crack the SSB interview. Information related to Indian Army, Navy and Air Force has been provided as value addition so that candidates can know about the services for which they are about to appear in the interview.

So we strongly recommend all candidates to buy SSB Interview Complete Guide book by Cdr NK Natarajan to stay ahead during the SSB interview.

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