Is SSB coaching compulsory to crack SSB interview

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 15, 2014

About to appear in SSB interview and want to know whether SSB coaching is compulsory to crack SSB interview? Check out why SSB coaching is required to crack interview by Cdr NK Natarajan - Ex GTO of 33 SSB board.

Why SSB coaching is important  SSB Coaching is the most disputed aspect of the interview among the candidates. 

Many defence aspirants argue on one topic from the ages - Whether SSB coaching required to pass? Many say there is no  need of coaching whereas, others say one must take coaching. So candidates who are about to appear for the first time wonder who is correct and who is not. Every one states one statement but are not able to present a considerable view on the subject.

Views of Cdr Natarajan on necessity of SSB coaching

Dr(Cdr) NK Natarajan, a retired GTO officer of 33 Services Selection Board and author of best selling SSB book has provided his views with previous experience at selection board on why SSB coaching is necessary for candidates appearing in the interview.

This is a million dollar question which is not so easy to answer. When I look back at my SSB, way back in the 80s, I feel there is no need for any coaching as I never took one. However, as a GTO in 33 SSB, I have seen so many good candidates fail just because they did not know what is being seen and how to project so that the assessors get to see what they want to see. What else could be the reason for such high failure rate at the SSB? I for one would not like to believe that only 3 to 4 % of the candidates are worthy of becoming an officer and all others are bad.

Looking back at our times and comparing it with the present generation, I feel that there is a lot of difference in the way we were brought up and the way the younger generation is being brought up. During our days, playing group games was a regular affair. Organizing festivals like Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi and many such events was normal. These things taught us many attributes like team work, organizing ability, initiative, leadership, social adaptability, confidence etc. However, the present generation spends more time on the net and less on the field. No doubt they are more intelligent than what we were, but since their activities are individualistic they develop individualistic attitudes than team attitudes which are not acceptable at SSB.

Thus, some corrections may be required through coaching that will help you project better. I often tell my students, to pass in SSB you must know what Selection Board psychologists and GTOs want and you must know how they assess to see if you have that required OLQs. Attending SSB interview coaching is very similar to impressing a girl where we first find out her likes and dislikes and then project our self in a way that matches with her likes. Hence, in the present day context coaching is essential particularly because the testing at SSB is so unconventional to this generation. I have heard several candidates admitting openly that the only time they ever did any physical activity in their life was during the SSB. Thus, it is always a good idea to go to a place where complete set of tasks are available and you get complete guidance from a good coach.

About Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan

  Is SSB coaching compulsory to passDr (Cdr) NK Natarajan is a retired Indian Navy officer who has worked at 33 Services Selection Board Bhopal as GTO.    Post retirement he has written SSB Interview - Complete Guide book published by Arihant publishers which is the best selling book on SSB interview.    Also Cdr NK Natarajan has founded a unique methodology to provide SSB training at his SSB Gurukul.   Also check out

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