Best tips to crack SSB interview

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 11, 2014

Want to crack SSB interview in the first attempt. Check out effective and best tips by experts to get recommended in SSB.

Tips for facing the SSB Interview

Getting placed in Defence sector is dream of every candidate. It is also equally important to prepare very well for the recruitment . Here I am giving the tips for facing the SSB Interviews.

It is equally important to get selection for four days and your selection will be based on performance on that particular day. If you are not able to perform well, then you will be rejected from the very first day of the interview. When the candidates arrive they should report   to the Movement control office which is at the railway station. The representatives of selection board will receive the candidates. Candidates will be taken to the test centers by bus.

Tips to get Screen in on SSB day 1

This phase is to test the candidates to measure the ability to be an armed officer. The test consists of Intelligence test mainly to test the knowledge of an officer and it will be done in different sections.  The section has two tests which is of 50 questions each and it includes verbal and non verbal reasoning questions. The time for each test is 15 minutes. There is no negative marking for the test.

The questions which are asked in intelligence test of SSB interview are mathematics aptitude, Analogy, Scrabble, number series, dice and cube, test direction, puzzle, figures, substitution of one word and series completion. Test level is very similar to 10th class level and it will be easy to score in test if you are prepared properly. The book which can be referred is RS Aggarwal.

Picture Perception Test

In PPDT test, a picture will be shown to candidates and time duration will be 30 seconds. For writing your perception on age, mood and action of all characters shown in the PPDT picture, one minute will be given. 4 minutes for writing short story. Story needs to have a central character and there should  be a moral and outcome for this story.

Tips to keep in mind while having picture perception test

Story needs to have a hero and it should be in positive attitude. There needs to be a problem in story and the hero of story should resolve the problem. Outcome of story should have a positive approach. Story needs to be in past tense and story needs to have introduction with a good situation.

Group Discussion Test

A group of 10 - 12 candidates will be made to sit in front of some assessors for group discussion test. This is the most important part of a screening test. Candidates need to narrate their story in one minute and person who is at last candidates needs to end this story. From then the discussion begins.

SSB Group Discussion Tips

When you are narrating a story, never look at assessors in the discussion. The candidate needs to be in cool and have a positive attitude. When you are narrating a point, you should give a strong reason for it. When the person is narrating the story all the others should listen and must involve in discussion. Candidates who are not having good answers in your group, then you should  help them in a good manner. When other candidates giving a point, don't argue with him. If you don't have a proper answer, then you should not ask other candidate anything. Be positive in your body language and your tone should be clear and confident.

After the group discussion tests, the candidates will go for a lunch and will be back for the results. Candidates who are screened will be given numbers and they will be taken for documentation verification. If candidates reporting time is 2:30 PM, then your stage 1 testing will be from next day onwards.

Be true to yourself during the entire SSB interview.

So here were the golden tips to pass SSB interview.

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