MIG 21 Aircraft Crashed in Jammu Kashmir

Looking for MIG 21 aircraft crash report? Indian Air Force has lost another MIG 21 and its pilot today when the aircraft crashed.

MIG 21 crashed in Kashmir

MIG 21 aircraft is a fighter aircraft used for air combat by Indian Air Force. IAF has purchased MIG 21 aircraft from Russia.

Today, Indian Air Force has got a set back when its MIG 21 aircraft crashed in Kashmir district of India. Pilot of the MIG 21 aircraft also was killed in the crash.

The accident took place near Awantipur. Main pilot Raghuvanshi was killed in the accident. This was really a bad news for IAF which is constantly loosing its MIG 21 aircraft. Reasons for the crash is not still clear. however, a court of inquiry has been ordered by IAF authorities to look into the accident.

Defence minister Arun Jaitley and J & K chief minister Omar Abdullah expressed their deep condolences to the family of the pilot who lost his life in the crash.

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