AFCAT 2 2014 question paper

Written by Ashis Dubey on Aug 31, 2014

Looking for AFCAT 2 2014 question paper held on 31 August 2014? Check out question paper of AFCAT 2 2014 exam of Indian Air Force here.

AFCAT 2 2014 question paper and answer key

Indian Air Force has successfully held AFCAT 2 2014 exam on 31st August 2014. Here we have provided questions asked in the AFCAT examination and answer key.

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Questions asked in AFCAT 2 2014

Q1-5 In each of the following questions find out the alternative which will replace the question mark.
Q1. Conference:Chairman Newspaper: ?
(a) Distributor
Editor (c) Printer ReporterQ2. Safe: Secure Protect: .?
(a) Lock (b) Sure (c) Guard (d) Conserve
Q3. Carbon: Diamond Corundum: ?
(a) Garnet (b) Ruby (c) Pukhraj
PearlQ4. Architect: Building Sculptor: — —?
(a) Statue (b) Museum (c) Chisel (d) Stone
Q5. Eye: Myopia Teeth ?
(a) Eczema (b) Cataract (c) Pyorrhoea (d) Trachoma
  Q11-15 in each of the following questions, five words have been given out of which four are alike in some manner, while the fifth one is different. Choose the word
Q11. (a) Deck (b) Bow (c) Quay (d) Stern
Q12. (a) Sharp (b) Huge (c) Thin (d) Tall
Q13. (a) Hangar (b) Park (0 Dock (d) Platform
Q14. (a) Zirconium (b) Silicon (c) Gallium (d) Potassium
Q15. (a) Tea (b) Rubber (C) Chalk (d) Cinchona

Q16-20. Choose the most appropriate answer.
Q16. Which one of the following is always found in ’Wonder"?
(a) Lumber (b) Astonishment (c) Crowd (d) Rustic

Q17. Which one of the following a 'Drama' must have’
(a) Actors (b) Sets (c) Director (d) Story

Q18. Disclosure always involves
(a) Agents (b) Secrets (c) Exposition (d) Display

Q19. Which one of the following is always with 'Bargain'?
(a) Triviality (b) Sumptuousness (c) Eloquence (d) Exchange

Q20. A boy is sitting at the back seat of a car When the driver suddenly starts moving the car (in forward direction), the boy exper er.ces a backward force?
(a) Often (b) Always (c) Never (d) Sometimes

Q21-24. Choose the word which is nearly opposite in meaning to ttie given word:-
(a) Tout (b) Stupour (c) Whisper (d) Down
(a) Magnanimous (b) 8enevo!ent (c) Diabolical (d) Critical
(a) Illegal (b) Libel (c) Law
(a) Unskilled (b) Abject (c) Affabiiity
Q25-28. Choose the word that best defines the given phrase:-
Q25. Building castles in the air
(a) Making impossible plans (b) Max-ng tall promises
(c) building skyscrapers (d) structures without strong foundation

Q46.-49. Choose the correctly spelt word:-
Q46. (a) Hemmorrhage (b) Hemorrhage (c; Hemrrxxrage (d) Haemorrhage
Q47. (a) Verstile (b) Versatile (c) Versetite (d) Versatele
Q48. (a) Parentheses (b) Parenths»s (c; Pare'-'ess 'a: Parenthses
049. (a) Veterinarian (b) Vetemarian (c) Vetnnanar id Vetnerinarian

Q_50,85. Choose the most appropriate answer
Q50. Algae often float on surface of water during day but sink during night due to -
(a) release of absorbed air by warming of water
(b) Becoming lignt as they consume most of their food in the night
(c) warming action of sun during the day
(d) evolution and trapping of oxygen bubbles during the day in their photosynthesis process
Q51. The right to vote in the national elections in India is based on the principle of
(a) Restricted franchise (b) Property qualifications
(c) Universal adult suffrage (d) Hereditary privileges
Q52. The Viceroy who dn/;ded Bengal by following the divide and rule policy was:-
(a) Lord Lytton (b) Lord Ripon (c) Lord Mayo
Q53. Which of the following rulers had the title 'Kavirafa*
(a) Kumaragupta (b) HiiimliivqM
(c) Skandagupta (d) Samodrag-jpta
Q54. On which river is Berlin city situated?
(a) Potomac (b) Rhine (c) Spree (d) Irrawaddy
Q55. Who is the author of Train to Pakistan*:-
(a) Arun Shourie : o) Khushwant Singh
(c) IsmatChugtai (d) J.N.Dixit
Q56. When is the World Poetry Day recognized by the UNESCO observed?
(a) 21 March (b) 02 February (c) 30 December (d) 14 February Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest?
(a) Bachendri Pal (b) JunkoTabei
(c) Aarti Pradhan (d) Tenzing Nflrgay
Q57. Who founded the Asiatic Society of Bengai in Kolkata?
(a) Lord Cornwallis (b) John Shore
(c) Warren Hastings (d) Sir William Jones
Q58. The Commonwealth Games Relay Baton nas traditionally contained?
(a) sand from the last host city
(b) a message from the Head of the Commonwealth
(c) The Commonwealth Games Motto
(d) sand from each competing nation
Q 59. The youngest mountain range in the world ts>
(a) Andes (b) Alps (c) Rockies (d) Himalayas
Q60. ‘Satyameva Jayate' is borrowed from which of the fo lowing?
(a) Arthshashtra (b) Ramayana
(c) Mundaka Upanishad (d) Mahabharat

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