Top 5 tips to crack SSB screening test

Written by Ashis Dubey on Sep 14, 2014

About to appear in SSB. Check out best tips to crack SSB screening test. Read to know five easy and effective ways to pass screening test of SSB interview.

Passing SSB screening test is the only way through which one can proceed to stage II of SSB interview. So cracking the SSB screening test is very crucial. Here we have provided top 5 tips to pass screening test of SSB interview.
Best tips to pass SSB screening test

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1. Be creative in PPDT story writing

Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) story will reveal your OLQs to the SSB psychologists. Creative and constructive stories will keep you ahead of others in the SSB screening test. Story is all about your perception on the given situation depicted in the PPDT picture. So being creative in PPDT story writing will be the key to crack SSB screening test.

2. Be realistic in story writing

As mentioned in the first tip of cracking SSB screening test, only being creative will not make you pass the SSB stage I test. If your creativity is not practical to implement then there would not be any use of that PPDT story. So your story of PPDT in SSB screening test should be realistic one to get screened in.

3. Actively participate in PPDT group discussion

Group discussion is a very good platform to impress the SSB psychologists. So actively participating in the PPDT group discussion will be the key to crack the screening test of SSB stage I. Give few logical points which can improvise or strengthen the story. Thus participating in group discussion actively will help you to pass SSB screening test.

4. Narrate your PPDT story confidently

Narrating PPDT story is very important for a candidate to get screened in on the fist day of SSB. Unlike group discussion, here in narration you will be given one minute time to narrate your story and there will not be any one interrupting you during that one minute time. So narrate the story with confidence and finish your story in given time slot.

5. Do not underestimate OIR / Intelligence test

Many aspirants think that intelligence test of SSB does not matter in getting screened in. Screening test will have equal weightage for officer intelligence rating test too. So do well in the intelligence test to pass the screening test.   So here were the top 5 tips to crack SSB screening test.

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