Fitness tips for SSB aspirants

Written by Ashis Dubey on Oct 19, 2014

About to appear in SSB interview and looking for fitness tips? Being fit during the SSB is very important to crack the interview. Read on to know about best tips for fitness during SSB interview.

SSB interview will decide the fate and future of aspirants. As SSB includes many tests which requires great amount of mental and physical fitness, you must keep yourself healthy. Here are few tips to keep yourself fit during the SSB. First of all you should regularly do exercises. Doing exercises will improve your immunity power and stamina. These exercises may include jogging, sit-ups, pull-ups and rope-skipping. So during GTO tests such as individual obstacles, Full Group Task your stamina will make you lead the group and impress the GTO officer. Yoga also is very helpful for SSB aspirants. Doing Yoga daily will keep you mentally as well as physically fit. Your concentration will improve by doing yoga. This will be helpful in PPDT, WAT, TAT and other psychology tests. Good food habits too keep you healthy. Avoid eating outside food while you are undergoing SSB interview. If you eat outside at unhygienic place, you may fall ill. At SSB you will get simple but hygienic food. Sleep early in the night in order to be fit. Many candidates chit chat or watch TV till late night. This will cause them feel uncomfortable when they wake up in the next morning. As in SSB you need to report to the ground in the early morning, sleeping early will give your body proper time to relax. Dinner will be served from 7 to 8 PM. Eat your dinner and then study current affairs for some time. Then at 9'O clock go to bed. So next morning when you wake up you will feel fresh. Keep your clothes and surrounding clean and tidy. As you have to do many physical exercises at SSB interview, you will sweat. So do wash your clothes regularly as and when required. Many aspirants who appear in the SSB interview do not wash their socks. Socks and handkerchief are very important items to be taken care of in order to stay fit. Wash them regularly. We suggest you to keep two pairs of socks and two handkerchiefs with you. Wash the used ones at end of the day. So here were the best tips to be fit during the SSB interview. Hope you will follow these golden tricks and do well in the interview.

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