Subedar Mahendra Singh, Kirti Chakra, Sena Medal - A fantastico leader

Written by Ashis Dubey on Jan 27, 2016

On the eve of the 63rd Republic day, Indian president awarded Kirti Chakra to Subedar Mahendra Singh, Sena Medal. Read on to know about the situations faced by the Subedar Mahendra Singh on the eventful night and how he tackled the challenges.

Subedar Mahendra Singh Kirti Chakra awardee Courtesy:joinindianarmy.nic.in

Subedar Mahendra Singh had more than twenty years of experience and a fantastic leadership qualities which would clearly distinct himself from the other seniors in the 9 Para regiment.

During his career, Subedar Mahendra Singh participated in number of encounters with the hardcore terrorists.

Even when you have countless years of experience in counter attacking the terrorists who are insane and are ready to get killed in order to disturb the peace, you feel nervous at each time you go to counter attack.

But that is the point of testing time when one shows his actual quality of bravery by taking the challenging task of eliminating the terrorists by not caring for one’s own life. And Subedar Mahendra Singh, Sena Medal was also one of the bravest leaders of the Indian Army.

Subedar Mahendra Singh was awarded Sena Medal by the Indian Government for his courageous and outstanding successes in tackling the terrorists. In 2013, he has killed a Pakistan Regular Army personnel who have breached the Line of Control.

On the 02nd September 2015 night, Subedar Mahendra Singh was on duty and he got information about the heavy gunfire between the terrorists and his team in Darel forest at Kupwara district of Jammu & Kashmir. Also the news came that two soldiers were hit by the enemy bullets and are badly hurt during the firing.

Without a second thought, Subedar Mahendra Singh decided to rescue his colleagues who are still fighting to stop the terrorists. Along with Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami, he reached the ambush point and at the time of reaching there was a heavy firing from the enemy.

Quickly Subedar Mahendra Singh fired back and also charged at one terrorist by risking his life and killed him at close quarters. This attracted the attention of other terrorists and the JCO was facing heavy firing from the terrorist group.

Still the bullets could not stop the fantastico soldier Subedar Mahendra Singh who had a strong determination to save the other members by killing the remaining terrorists. He kept on moving towards the terrorists and unfortunately he was hit in his abdomen and he was paralyzed from toes to waist. At this condition also he did not retreat or surrender but he killed one more terrorist at point blank range.

Meanwhile, touched deeply by the inspiration from Subedar Mahendra Singh, Lance Naik Mohan Goswami went one step further and killed remaining terrorists.

On the eventful night, the Indian Army has lost Lance Naik Mohan Goswami and Subedar Mahendra Singh was left with half body paralyzed.

For the duos brave conduct during the hostile condition and for their supreme sacrifice, the Indian Government conferred Lance Naik Goswami with the Shaurya Chakra and Subedar Mahendra Singh with the Kirti Chakra.

Subedar Mahendra Singh could have left the spot if he wished to but he didn’t do it. He stood like a rock between the terrorist and his injured team mates who are recovering from the injuries.

No words for this fantastico leader but a salute straight from the heart.

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