Top 4 tips for good body language during SSB interview

Written by Akhilesh on Dec 15, 2016

Looking for best tips on body language for passing SSB interview? Body language is very important in cracking SSB. Check out simple tips for correct body language during interviews. Read how to improve chances of selection with body language.

Best body language for SSB interview

In SSB interview communication skills and body language play major role in selection or rejection of a candidate. Here are best tips for good body language during SSB interview.

Tip 1: Smiling is the key of correct body language

Definitely it is very much important to smile during not only SSB procedure but also during any interview as it shows that you are free from tension and stress. A simple smile would give very positive feeling to you and your opponent speaker. Smile is also a trick to show you are a cool person in difficult situations. During the SSB interview, one will face many challenges through which one looses his cool. But one can be at peace by keep smiling. During SSB personal interview, you may face few annoying questions for which you can answer with a smiling face as anyhow you have to answer.


Tip 2: Eye Contact will keep you ahead in SSB interview

Our eyes can reveal what's going in our mind. Yes it is true!.You might have noticed this fact in different situations of your life. So eye contact is very much important in SSB interview. Don't break eye contact during personal interview, group discussions and lecturette. Eye contact clearly shows that whether you are listening to others and interested to hear or not. Eye contact will show your leadership quality. Most of the aspirants fail to make proper eye contact with the interviewing officers and other group members which clearly reflects the lack of confidence. So make eye contacts whenever possible.

Tip 3: Correct body posture to show confidence

We must follow some basic mannerism while public speaking. It is very important to make our body straight as possible. Do not keep your head down. Looking straight shows that you are a brave person and have good stamina. If you are talking to someone you should keep your body posture little bit crisp. If you loosen your body posture then it shows that you are not interested or even shows lack of confidence. Thus it may be a cause for negative impression to others. So don't forget to maintain body posture like that of a soldier. But one thing to note that you need to differentiate between correct body posture and stiff body posture. You should never make your body and movements stiff.

Tip 4: Effective hand movement during SSB

Hand movement is very important when we talk about body language. Movements of your hand may keep you at advantage or in the same manner it may have negative impact too depending upon the gestures. We can communicate with others by hands. In SSB interview we must follow some tips that are related to our hand movements.

DO NOT CROSS YOUR HANDS! Crossing your hands indicates that you are not interested and not accepting the others views. So friends USE YOUR HANDS WHILE TALKING! Because it helps active speech talking production. Avoid too much of hand movements as it may distract others and you may loose out advantage.


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