How can I describe PPDT picture in 1 minute?

Written by Akhilesh on Sep 09, 2016
Does English plays important role in PPDT picture description? I don't know how to start and end with my story in SSB PPDT test. Can you give me some instructions to do this in better way and what are the tenses used to describe? Hope you will answer my question soon. Nowadays I spent more time to read your blogs and articles. This is so helpful to me. Thankyou

By : Ashis Dubey       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 09 Sep 2016       Points : 5      

As I always said English is very important for cracking SSB interview. If you are not confident about your English, please join any institute which provides spoken English classes.

Coming to describing PPDT picture in a minute time, it seems quite difficult in the beginning. But as you practice you will be able to describe PPDT picture within a minute.

Here are few tips for describing PPDT picture in SSB interview.

1. Start with the number of persons you saw in the PPDT picture shown to you along with their approximate age.
2. Then start narrating the story without delay. Summarise the PPDT story and tell main key points of your story.
3. You will have fifteen to thirty minutes time to rehearse your story. (Time when SSB officials will be busy with dividing candidates into groups).
4. Narrate your story confidently.

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