Is it difficult to get screened in after 4 rejections in SSB interview?

Written by Akhilesh on Nov 25, 2016
I have attended 4 TES SSB interviews and I was screened out for four times. I am confused that why they are dividing candidates into 3 groups viz, screened out, freshers and repeaters. Last time I noticed that they are taken only less no of candidates from screened out group. It was about 10% . So my question is that would I have less chance to get screened in after getting screened out for four times?

By : Akhilesh       Member Level : Silver      Commented On : 01 Dec 2016       Points : 2      

Thank you AD

By : Ashis Dubey       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 29 Nov 2016       Points : 2      

SSB interview is one of the toughest interviews and is almost foolproof procedure to assess natural qualities of a candidate. When you face SSB interview for the first time your reflexes will be natural. Whereas when you reappear for the interview you will be aware of procedure and you may mask your qualities with practice. So for this reason a fair chance is given to freshers. It does not mean that only freshers are selected. If you have office like qualities you will definitely Crack SSB. In many cases there are candidates who got recommended even after thirteen or fourteen times. So don't worry about it and give it your best. Also assess your weakness by which you got rejected and improve it.

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