How can I pass NDA NA mathematics exam without coaching?

Written by Akhilesh on Nov 26, 2016
How to prepare for maths exam of NDA&NA exam? I know the syllabus of mathematics and have no idea how to begin my preparation for NDA exam. Last time I tried to solve n no of problems from different paper backs but I couldn't make it as a success one.

By : Arjun Khangjrakpam       Member Level :       Commented On : 23 Feb 2017       Points : 0      

I have cracked this exam twice and in
my first attempt I secured AIR -50 without any coaching. To know how I did mail me at yooarjun@gmail.com.

By : Akhilesh       Member Level : Silver      Commented On : 01 Dec 2016       Points : 2      

Thankyou very much for ur tips

By : Ashis Dubey       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 29 Nov 2016       Points : 2      

NDA NA exam is very tough to pass. If your basics are clear then it is easy to pass the NDA NA exam. Also success in the exam depends on your academics board. NDA exam question paper is set as per CBSE board. If you are studying from state Board then you will face problems in passing the exam.
Here are few tips for students who want to pass NDA exam without coaching.
Study CBSE maths books from fifth class to tenth class.
More practice will increase your chances of passing the exam.
Observe previous year question papers and note down repetitive questions. Focus more on repetitive questions of NDA NA exam.
Give more time for NDA exam preparation.

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