CDSE 1 2017 English Question Paper With Answer Key

Total Questions : 120

Max Marks : 360

Duration : 120 Minutes


CDSE 1 2017 English Question Paper With Answer Key

Check CDSE 1 2017 question paper of 2017 with answer key here. Go on and try this CDS 1 2017 English Question Paper mock test for free.

CDSE Question Paper and Answer Key 2017

Here we have brought CDSE 1 2017 English question paper with answer key. A comprehensive mock test for all CDSE aspirants who are looking for previous CDSE original question papers for practice.

Questions of CDSE 2 2017 English Question Paper

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>In this University, there is no ____________ for awarding scholarships on the basis of merit in examination alone.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>Can you pay_________ all these articles?

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>He may not come, but we'll get ready in case he ____.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>He is quite __________; you can never count on him in matters of secrecy.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>The Governor will ____________the oath of office to the thirty-five new ministers at 9.30 p.m. tomorrow.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>Most of the students have forgotten to bring their certificates; they will be ____________ by the Principal for this reason.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>The consequences of economic growth have now ____________to the lowest level.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>Mrs. Ramsay did not know whether Miss Jane knew_____.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>He_______the role of the organization in creating environmental awareness among the people.

  • Fill in the blanks<br><br>We should give everyone training in citizenship but we have______this aspect till now.

So go on and attempt this CDSE mock test for free to check your level of preparation.

Detailed Instructions

Each question carries 3 marks for correct answer.
One mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

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