CDSE 2 2016 Maths Question Original Paper Mock Test

Total Questions : 100

Max Marks : 300

Duration : 120 Minutes


CDSE 2 2016 Maths Question Original Paper Mock Test

Check out CDSE 2 2016 original maths question paper here. Mock test CDSE 2 2016 maths question paper is provided for aspirants who are about to appear in CDS exam.

CDSE 2 2016 Previous Year Question Paper - Maths

Combined Defence Services Exam 2 2016 Maths question paper has total 100 questions. UPSC has held the exam to shortlist the candidates for SSB interview. Candidates who are preparing for the CDSE exam must practice previous year question papers in order to improve their chances of selection.

CDSE 2 2016 maths questions

  • The diameter of the front wheel of an engine is 2x cm and that of rear wheel is 2y cm. To cover the same distance, what is the number of times the rear wheel revolves when the front wheel revolves n times?

  • The wheels of a car are of diameter 80 cm each. The car is travelling at a speed of 66 km/hour. What is the number of complete revolutions each wheel makes in 10 minutes.

  • What is the area of a triangle with sides of length 12 cm, 13 cm and 5 cm?

  • If the perimeter of a. circle is equal to that of a square, then what is the ratio of area of circle to that of square?

  • ABCDA is a con-cyclic quadrilateral of a circle ABCD with radius r and centre at 0. If AB is the diameter and CD is parallel and half of AB and if the circle completes one rotation about the centre 0, then the locus of the middle point of CD is a circle of radius _____

  • In an equilateral triangle another equilateral triangle is drawn inside joining the mid-points of the sides of given equilateral triangle and the process is continued up to 7 times. What is the ratio of area of fourth triangle to that of seventh triangle?

  • Rain water from a roof 22 m X 20 m drains into a cylindrical vessel having diameter of base 2 m and height 3.5 m. If the vessel is just full, what is the rainfall?

  • The height of cone is 60 cm. A small cone is cut off at the top by a plane parallel to the base and its volume is 1/64 the volume of original cone. What is the height from the base at which the section is made?

  • If two tangents inclined at an angle 60<sup>0</sup> are drawn to a circle of radius 3 cm, then what is the length of each tangent?

  • What is the volume of a sphere of radius 3 cm?

  • A candidate scoring x% marks in an examination fails by a marks, while another candidate who scores y% marks gets b marks more than the minimum required pass marks. What is the maximum marks for the examination?

  • If p and q are the roots of x<sup>2</sup> + px + q = 0, then which one of the following is correct?

  • The cost of 2.5 kg rice is Rs. 125. The cost of 9 kg rice is equal to that of 4 kg pulses. The cost of 14 kg pulses is equal to that of 1.5 kg tea. The cost of 2 kg tea is equal to that of 5 kg nuts. What is the cost of 11 kg nuts?

  • Which one of the following is correct in respect of the number 1729?

  • A shopkeeper increases the cost price of an item by 20% and offers a discount of 10% on this marked price. What is his percentage gain?

So go on and attempt the CDSE 2 2016 maths question paper. Also you can download CDSE 2 2016 maths question paper PDF and answer key.

Detailed Instructions

Each question carries 3 marks.
One mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

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