Situational Awareness - The OLQ for passing SSB

Written by Mayank Pandey on Jan 04, 2017

Looking for OLQs to pass SSB interview? Situational Awareness is the most vital personality trait one should possess as to understand what is going on around you. Check out what situational awareness is and how it is important for passing SSB.

Situational Awareness OLQ for passing SSB interview


I think we all had come across the list of OLQs in our past for sure and in fact it is the set of attributes which has to be in any individual to evolve as a responsible, mature and rational human.

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Most of us are in the search of Officers Like Qualities to figure out are we really up to the expectations of the armed forces.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the OLQ which has not been listed in predefined OLQs that has been circulated all over the world.

The OLQ which I want to discuss about is Situational Awareness. I think this attribute plays a vital role in grooming ourselves. It is the ability to observe, determine, process and comprehend the critical elements of any information or incident which is going on around you.

In simple words, it is the way you behave, respond and act to particular situation and adversities depending upon the information you have. Everyone are distinct in their thought process so as their stimulus.

Situational Awareness is dynamic, hard to maintain and easy to lose. Knowing what is going on all the time is very difficult for any person especially during stress. Therefore it is crucial that we know what behavior is effective in keeping us situationally aware. For example, when you are with your parents you better know their likes and dislikes, their priorities and what they expect from you

If you had ever witness SSB, you can easily figure out the essence of Situational Awareness at every moment.

In order to pass SSB interview, you must have good situational awareness quality. In general, SSB psychologists look for the situational awareness while assessing you. As a military officer, you need to have to be exceptional at handling situations quickly.

Next time when you look at a situation, try to solve that situation in different ways to improve your situational awareness.

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