SSB interview simplified - Simple tips to get recommended

Written by Mayank Pandey on Dec 22, 2016

If you want to become an officer in Indian armed forces, you must pass SSB interview. Check out SSB interview procedure simplified for first timers and also useful tips to get recommended in the SSB interview. Read to follow your passion for defence.

SSB interview simplified with best tips to pass

Before writing about SSB and how to get recommended in SSB interview, I want to share some thoughts which I used to say to pump myself up and stay in the game.

I think some people are winners, some are losers and some are who did not sought how to win.
So, when I think what could be the possible reason or difference in the thought process of these winners, losers and the ones who didn't figure out how to win is the factor of motivation.

Follow passion to get success in SSB

Basically there are two types of motivation first being the push, it require determination and believe me guys determination never last long, its inconsistent but the second being the pull, it drives you and its kind of attraction, you feel that you are automatically forced or compelled to do what you love. You wake up everyday and take that to the next level. So, always do what drives you if you want to get the ultimate success.

So, now coming back the context of the SSB, it is altogether a different kind of exam wherein the question were asked related to you, your parents, family, friends, interest, qualities, setbacks and all sort of things since your birth till now and what you are up to.

But the real tricks comes here, many times we are confused and had no idea how to present ourselves so as to get through with the flying colors.

Mostly in an attempt do so we end up displaying a different picture of ourselves to them that is completely distinct from what we are.

As you are aware of SSB interview procedure, it's a typical personality based test and you will be judged with multidimensional approach and tools.

Tips for SSB interview tests

The whole SSB process is of 5+5(may be more) days.

5 days for the complete personality and intelligence tests followed by medical test that would last for another 5 days or so.

I will make it simple for you, you are going to be assessed based on your performance at each and every point of time. Everything you write or say should have a proper justification to back upon. It's very important to add value to what you had said.

SSB Procedure Simplified

Let me list down the tests that ones undergo during the selection process:-

Day 1 of the SSB interview is the screening test (Nowadays it's PPDT followed by two subsequent IQ Tests).

PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test)

PPDT is a test where candidates will be shown a picture and all have to write a story followed by a group discussion about the PPDT story.

If you are thinking it is quite easy, then you are absolutely wrong, Story writing is not as easy as you are thinking.

Tips for better PPDT story writing

Just stick to the picture, try to think of a problem/issues related to the picture, just mention practical steps to overcome it and always give an appropriate ending to your story. And be specific, in detail and use powerful words while writing your story and narrate your story confidently and put 1 or 2 points in GD. That is all it requires.

SSB Day 2 Psychologist Tests

Do as much practice you can do while preparing for the SSB interview.

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)

TAT is the most important test in Day 2 SSB interview. Practice is the only key. Read as much as you can, think different kind of stories for the same picture. The real challenge is to have various perspective for one thing.

WAT (Word Association Test)

Be spontaneous while attempting WAT test. Whatever comes to your mind first, write it straightaway don't give the second thought.

Practice for WAT but beware of preconceived thoughts which are not accepted by the SSB board. It will reduce your chances of selection.

SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

Try to give end-to-end solution of each SRT. Please do not compromise the quality of your SRT responses.

SD (Self Description)

It only need self introspection as to write your thoughts. Probably this is something you could prepare in advance. Take out sometime to introspect and come to conclusion about the facts. In Self Description test, you need to provide simple details of your life.

SSB Day 3 and 4 is group tasks

1.Group discussion

Give 2 or 3 points very calmly that's it. Be a good listener.

2.Group Planning Exercise

Very important test .Practice well in advance, just follow a format like ordering your problem priorities, time, resources etc.

3.Progressive Group Tasks

Be normal, be courteous to your group members.

4.Half Group Tasks

Take initiative where required.

5.Individual Obstacles

Perform with the sequence/series. Either start from 1 to 10 or begin with 10 and end with 1.

6.Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race

Enjoy with full zeal & enthusiasm, help others if they need your help otherwise do not do that.

7.Command Task

Take the charge and firstly you do and then ask your mates to follow.

8. Lecturette

Divide it into 3 parts i.e., intro, pro & cons and your opinion. Speak logically and do not give false information.

9.Final Group Task

Just go with the flow, do not do extra to seek attention of GTO, you might be caught.

SSB Day 5 is the Conference (Results)

Just go with the smile and with the positive attitude for SSB interview Conference. It is a final round of testing where you could be asked few more questions or just asked how the food was and any suggestions.

Tips for SSB Personal Interview

The personal interview will be conducted on any of the day 2, 3 or 4 during the post lunch or evening hours.

Be spontaneous, speak crisp and to the point. Do not speak too much and be genuine. Be courteous always and justify each and everything in detail. For an instance, suppose if the interviewer asks you why do you want to join armed forces, answer would be something like - As I am a software engineer and I pursue  my career in technology and we know the fact that Indian army dealt with the best technologies in the world, so want to join forces to learn them and contribute to the country too.

If something you do not know, just say that you do not know provided with the reason.

Give proper justification to each and every answer so that trust in the conversation could be established and sustain.

Be yourself and trust me you are going to make it one day.

That's it. So I am going to wrap up by saying "Nobody is a loser, he just a'int discover how to win."

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