Tips for Attempting Most Common Negative Words in WAT with Solved Examples

Written by The Trooper on May 23, 2017

Negative words in WAT must be converted into positive sentences to pass SSB interview. Check out most common Word Association Test negative words. Also check out WAT SSB solved examples to convert SSB WAT negative words into positive ones.

Tips for Attempting Most Common Negative Words in WAT with Solved Examples

How to answer SSB WAT Negative words

As discussed in the previous post, Word Association Test of SSB interview is a test of personality and mental function in which the candidate is required to respond to the words shown, with the first thought that comes to his/her mind.

A total of 60 words is shown for 15 seconds each in which the candidate has to form a meaningful sentence from it. It is recommended that a candidate attempt a minimum of 55 words. The test lasts for 15 minutes.

In those 15 minutes, you will come across lot of negative words too that needs to be presented in a positive way. But due to the time limit of 15 seconds, the candidates often back out of thoughts and writes negative sentence from it. It can only be improved with regular practice and following a positive thinking.

SSB WAT Negative Words

Here are the most commonly asked negative Word Association Test words in an SSB interview and how to attempt them. To tackle a negative SSB WAT word, follow these 2 principles: Denial and Remedial. For a negative word, you can either deny it in a positive way or give out a remedy to it. Here are some examples:

  1. Attack: “India follows the policy of no-first-use of a nuclear attack.”

This shows your interest in national affairs, as well as portray the negative word in a positive way. Here are some more negative words:

  1. Offense: Jumping traffic signals is an offence.
  2. Torture: Kulbhushan Jadhav is allegedly tortured in Pakistan’s custody.
  3. Bully: Bullying is an unethical part of being a senior.

Now, this shows your quality when you become a senior leader, be it in school or in the military.

  1. Suicide: Committing suicide is not the solution to a problem.
  2. Delay: Following a regular time-table avoids getting ourselves delayed.

This sentence shows that you are time-bound and follows a time-table.

  1. Fear: Fear of failure is the strength that motivates me to keep pushing my limits.
  2. Guilty: Ajmal Kasab was found guilty by the Supreme Court in Mumbai terror attacks.
  3. Poverty: Indian government has launched various schemes to tackle poverty in India.
  4. Mourn: The death of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was declared as national mourning in India.
  5. Hate: Love overcomes hate, be loving and caring towards others.
  6. Accident: Following traffic rules helps avoid accidents.
  7. War: India has been in 5 major wars since independence – 4 with Pakistan and 1 with China.
  8. Battle: The British empire started in India after the Battle of Plassey.
  9. Serious: World terrorism is a serious issue that needs to be tackled jointly by every nation.
  10. Wreak: The ISIS has wreaked havoc Syria and its people.
  11. Reject: Rejection is a part of success, self-introspect the mistakes and try again.
  12. Kill: Killing our large ego is sometimes the solution to most of the problems.
  13. Crisis: The African nation is presently facing severe crisis of food and water, hence avoid its wastage.
  14. Sorry: Accepting mistakes and saying sorry is a good way of apologizing.
  15. Unable: Rising Pune Supergiants were unable to win this year’s IPL.
  16. Refrain: I try to refrain from breaking laws wherever possible.
  17. Avoid: I avoid negative thoughts to be a positive person.
  18. Revenge: The best revenge with someone is to show yourself succeed in life.
  19. Withdraw: India is in talks with China to withdraw troops from Aksai Chin.
  20. Disagree: Disagreeing to something is natural, a person has his own opinions.
  21. Bullet: Royal Enfield’s Bullet had been the standard motor bike in Indian Military for long.
  22. Conceal: Concealing one’s identity is an offence in India.
  23. Tragedy: Uttrakhand floods were a national tragedy that was resolved with full force.
  24. Aggressive: Taking decisions in aggression is not the best way to solve a problem, remain calm and composed to take a decision.
  25. Sink: Most of the aircrafts and ships has mysteriously sunk in the Bermuda triangle.
  26. Terrorist: India wants Dawood Ibrahim to be named as an International terrorist.
  27. Waste: Avoid wastage of resources by managing them efficiently.
  28. Injured: No one was injured when an officer tied a stone pelter to a jeep in Kashmir to rescue others.
  29. Grave: North Korea’s nuclear tests are grave matter of concerns for the world powers.
  30. Quit: Trying again and again after failing leads to success, never quit anything in between.
  31. Dull: The dull looks on my dad’s face showed his hard-work and labor every day.
  32. Deteriorate: The peace conditions in Kashmir valley has been deteriorating. It’s time we act on a full-scale.
  33. Dark: Optimism helps us in our dark days.
  34. Annoys: My younger sister constantly annoys me doing stupid stuff.

So here were few negative SSB WAT words with solved examples for passing SSB interview. Hope you have understood how to answer negative WAT words that are asked in SSB interview.

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