US Air Force Officer Ranks and Salary

Want to know US Air Force officer ranks and their pay? US Air Force officers get handsome salary with many benefits. Check out ranks and salary of Air Force officers. Here is the pay of US Air Force officers according to their rank.

Ranks of US Air Force officers

When it comes to air power, US Air Force tops the chart. To maintain military discipline, US Air Force has different ranks for its officers. Rank gives authority and also it showcases one's excellence in their career in the US Air Force.

Here are the various US Air Force officer ranks.

  • Second Lieutenant
  • First Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • General of the Air Force

US Air Force officers salary and ranks

Rank wise Salary of US Air Force officers

Here is the rank-wise pay of US Air Force officers.

Air Force Rank Air Force Officer Pay
Second Lieutenant $ 35,668
First Lieutenant $ 41,094
Captain $ 47,563
Major $ 54,093
Lieutenant Colonel $ 62,694
Colonel $ 75,204
Brigadier general $ 99,172
Major General $ 119,354
Lieutenant General $ 168,681
General $ 192,866

Apart from the salary US Air Force officers get variety of allowances and tax discounts from the US Government.

Above figures are US Air Force Officer Salaries on annual basis for the respective rank holders.


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