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Screening test of SSB interview is the first hurdle to crack SSB. Check out what are the tests held during SSB screening and best tips to crack SSB screening tests.

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SSB Stage 1 Screening test and 8 tips to pass

Screening is conducted to filter out bogus and uninterested candidates. Also, the candidates who don’t possess basic problem solving and communication skills are filtered in this stage. Read on to know how to crack the Stage 1 screening test...

Category : Screening Tests Author :The Trooper Posted on : 22-May-2017

Algebra - Set Theory - Types of sets

Want to know types of sets to prepare for NDA & NA examination? Read NDA & NA mathematics exam coaching material here.

Category : Screening Tests Author :AD Posted on : 04-May-2013

Algebra - Set Theory - Coaching material for NDA & NA examination

About to appear in NDA & NA exam and looking for online coaching material? Questions of set theory of algebra are asked in NDA & NA exam frequently. Read notes notes and tips of Algebra's set theory for NDA & NA examination preparation here.

Category : Screening Tests Author :AD Posted on : 25-Apr-2013