Online SSB PPDT practice test Picture - 1

Total Questions
: 1
Max Marks
: 100
: 10 Minutes

Online Picture Perception and Description Test of SSB interview

Want to practice PPDT tests online with actual timing as per the SSB interview standard? Here is our unique PPDT test series to keep you ahead of other SSB interview aspirants. PPDT story will be reviewed by SSB experts and you will get complete analysis of your story. If you are serious about cracking SSB, then you must practice as many as PPDT story practice sets to lead the group. Here the PPDT picture will be shown for one minute and candidates need to note down important features of the PPDT picture shown. After that four minutes will be given to you for writing story for online PPDT practice test. PPDT story should reflect your personality and your future ambitions in realistic manner. Don't be fictitious in depicting the story. In general, a good story should have prologue, main story and future impact of the PPDT story. If you follow the above golden rule to write PPDT picture, you will definitely able to write inspirational PPDT stories. Go ahead and practice online with our PPDT tests to crack SSB interview.

Detailed Instructions

  • PPDT picture will be shown for one minute to observe.
  • You will have four minutes for writing the story.

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