PPDT Picture For Online Story Writing Practice Picture - 2

Total Questions
: 1
Max Marks
: 100
: 10 Minutes

Online Picture Perception and Description Test Picture Story Writing Practice Set

Here is another PPDT picture to practice with for upcoming SSB interview. PPDT test is simple yet very tough test of SSB interview. You have to be very careful in writing the PPDT story. Just writing any cock and bull story will not get you through SSB. You need to write a story that demonstrated Officer Like Qualities which main character of the story should posses. PPDT story writing is a process of showing your qualities and giving hint to the psychologists that you have OLQs and you are a potential leader. Then SSB selection officers will consider you for further testing or else, you will be screened out. So go on and appear in our online PPDT test practice and get your story reviewed by an expert.

Detailed Instructions

  • PPDT Picture will be shown for one minute
  • Look at the picture carefully and weave one story around the picture
  • After one minute, PPDT picture will disappear and answer box will appear where you need to write your PPDT picture story
  • Four minutes time will be given to write PPDT story
  • After four minutes, your story will be automatically submitted

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