Online NDA I 2014 Question Paper Practice - General Ability Test Part-A

Total Questions : 50

Max Marks : 200

Duration : 60 Minutes


Practice NDA I 2014 question paper online. Check out NDA I 2014 question paper with answer key here. Looking for NDA previous year question papers? Check out NDA 2014 question paper here.

Online NDA 1 2014 Practice Set

If you are about to appear NDA exam, then practising previous year question papers of NDA exam is must. You will be able to test your speed and knowledge through our online NDA practice tests.

Current NDA I 2014 GAT Part A question paper consists of total 50 questions of English. Part A of NDA question paper is very important as it gives good amount of scoring scope for all aspirants. So performing well in NDA English is very essential in cracking NDA exam.

Great way to answer NDA question paper is to read the questions carefully and then write your answers. If you are not sure about answer for any question, skip the question and move ahead. In this way you will avoid negative marks awarded for wrong answers.

Detailed Instructions

  • Each question will carry four marks
  • Incorrect answer will minus one mark
  • NDA 1 2014 question paper answer key will be displayed along with your score & your answers after completion of test
  • You can review your performance after online NDA exam practice set.

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