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Written by Ashis Dubey on Nov 27, 2013

Want to take coaching in Baalnoi Academy, Delhi and looking for candidates review? Baalnoi academy is considered one of the oldest and best SSB coaching academies in India. Check out my experience and review of Baalnoi SSB coaching academy.

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Hello friends, I am Ankush Singh from Delhi. I cleared AFCAT 01/2012 and I got my SSB interview call letter soon. My SSB interview was scheduled on . I was asked to report at 0645 AM at last platform of Varanasi to atend the interview at No.4 Air Force Selection Board, Varanasi.

I made reservations as soon as I got my SSB interview date and location. I was very happy when I recieved my call letter as this is the first SSB interview for me. I checked out for best SSB coaching centers in and around Delhi area. Most of the people were suggesting Baalnoi and Cavalier as the best ones to get coaching and guidance. After enquiring from my friend who got recommended for Navy Executive officer post, I made my mind to attend SSB coaching at Baalnoi SSB Coachning Academy. It was six kilometers away from my home.

Before going home, I have made a phone call to Baalnoi academy and enquired when is the next batch starting. A lady told in a very hurried fashion that a batch has started today only and I may join the SSB batch tomorrow itself. When I asked her that what about my missed class, she told me not to worry as the institute will facilitate me to attend the missed classes with the next batch. I was asked to come and attend the classes next day in the morning at 0800 AM.

It was around quarter to eight in the clock when I reached Baalnoi academy. It was on the main street only and thus I find no problem in reaching the institute building located in Janakpuri. When I reached the reception room, same lady who spoke to me on the phone earlier  was sitting at the reception. I introduced myself and told her that I want to attend the coaching from today itself. She told me to first deposit full fees i.e., 7000 rupees and then I may attend the classes. I asked her if I can submit the fees at lunch break? But the receptionist told me that no one will be permitted to attend the classes till he pays full fees. Till my conversation was over, the clock was ticking on five past eight. My heart was racing as I don't wanted to miss even a minute of SSB coaching classes. I asked whether she has swiping machine as I had not that much amount of money in pocket.

Baalnoi receptioninst told me that swiping machine is not available with them and I have to give them fees in cash only. It was eight ten. I have noticed that many students have went to the classes already. I rushed outside the institute and there was a watchman at the gate. Watchman guided me about nearest ATM machine. After thanking him, I leapt towards the ATM and came back within ten minutes with full fees with me. I was wondering how come a watchman is so helpful and the receptionist at Baalnoi academy so rigid in answering to the students, rather customers of the institute. However, I thoght why to bother about a receptioninst at all? I just need some coaching and guidance for my upcoming SSB interview.

When I reached Baalnoi office, there were two students who are inquiring about the coaching. The receptionist was calmly answering to their queries. Though she was bit calm, I noticed that she was behaving as if they were asking for coaching at free of cost. As this feeling was same with my case too, I think now I am used to her behaviour. However, it took ten minutes more for her to finally convince those two boys for get coaching. After that I gave the fees and she handed me over few books and SSB study material. It was eight forty. I was aksed to go to top floor where the coaching classes were already in progress.

An ex GTO officer of Indian Air Force was teaching SSB interview tips and techniques to all students with full concentration. When I entered the room, full class got interrupted and also officer was puzzled to see me arriving that late. he told in a stern voice that he will not tolerate indiscipline in his classes. I apolozized and told him that I am a fresher. Then the officer was little bit eased and told me to have a seat. I thanked him and sat.

On the first day of SSB coaching, I was taught about lecturette and group discussion. First of all sir elaborated complete procedure word by word. Even he narrated standard instructions that will be given for all candidates before lecturette and group discussion test start.

After we note down all instructions carefully, sir carried on and to build our confidence, he told us to stand up one by one and to speak few personal details such as details of parents, city we belong and educational background. It was just like brief biodata. He guided us wherever anyone was less confident in his speech. Also he made us understand on how to highlight positive points.

After a short break, we were made into few batches similar to that of SSB interview btaches. Outside the classroom, in an open area, we sat and started to participate in group discussion topic which sir has given to us. While we were discussing, sir came and monitored all of us carefully and suggested few tips to improve our group discussion skills.

Sir told at the end of our class that next day we will be practicing lecturette. He told us to choose any topic from SSB study material of Baalnoi academy. Unfortunately I could not continue my SSB interview coaching in the academy as I had to go out of city for some unavoidable reasons. Thus, I contacted the receptionist of Baalnoi academy once again in the office and said that I am discontinuing my coaching from today. As I saw day wise fees structure on the desk while depositing the fees, I requested her to refund my fees after deducting first day fees. She told me to collect money after one week from the office. I told her that it is not possible to me for collecting fees and asked if I can give her my account number and refund can be deposited in that account. She told that it is possible. After providing my bank account number, I came back to home. As soon as I reached home, receptionist called and told me to deposit the Baalnoi SSB study material. Once again I had to go back to the office and return all coaching material. After ten to fifteen days, Though I got back my refund, I thought Baalnoi SSB coachnig academy as money centric.

So if you want to take coachnig for SSB interview in Baalnoi Academy Delhi branch, please be sure that you are placed in the same SSB group of the course applied.

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