SSB Gurukul coaching academy Nagpur, Maharashtra

Written by Ashis Dubey on Feb 17, 2014

Looking for best SSB coaching academies in Nagpur and Mumbai region? SSB Gurukul coaching academy have best faculty to give SSB, NDA, CDSE and AFCAT coaching for all defence aspirants. Check out fees charged, hostel facility, contact details.

SSB Gurukul best coaching in India

SSB interview is considered as one of the toughest interview as it involves numerous tests. Performing badly in any one of these tests may get a candidate rejected by the Services Selection Board. So candidates need to work hard to pass SSB interview. Also taking SSB coaching in best academy will help the students greatly.

SSB Gurukul - Unique and best SSB coaching institute

SSB Gurukul has started by Dr (Cdr) NK Natarajan, an Ex GTO of 33 SSB Bhopal. He has served in Indian Navy for 25 years and during his tenure, he has started his career with a gold medal at Indian Naval Academy and never settled down but continued to excel. He has completed Ph. D Psychology and also have six post graduate degrees. Also Cdr NK Natarajan has written SSB Interview - The Complete Guide book which was earlier published by Arihant publishers and now same revised book is being published by Jaico publications.

SSB Gurukul is quite unique coaching academy as candidates need to stay at the Gurukul for fifteen days and spend their time with the Guru (Or Faculty). During these 15 day SSB coaching, candidates will be taught not only about how to pass the SSB interview but also about how to build their career.

Best faculty is available with all required infrastructure at SSB Gurukul for providing SSB coaching along with NDA, CDSE and AFCAT written examination coaching. SSB Gurukul does have big ground and real SSB like obstacles and few extra obstacles with extra tough situations to help the repeaters.

Why SSB Gurukul is different and best one for SSB coaching?

Also training is divided as to have one five day mock SSB interview after providing the coaching. This will be really helpful for all candidates as SSB Gurukul faculty will help them in overcoming any shortcomings if found during the SSB interview. Also attending mere coaching does not provide ample confidence among the candidates. During the coaching, candidates are tested or taught one task of SSB interview at a time. Candidates may feel that they can now do that obstacle very easily.

But in real SSB scenario, they find it very tough as one has to wake up at 5 'O clock in the morning and will not have afternoon free to sleep. Presently many of the candidates do wake up late in the morning and work till the late night. So when they report to SSB, they face the timings of the interview as a nightmare. So this final 5 day mock SSB interview will be the best way to nurture candidates and provide good real SSB experience.

Also each of the candidates will be handed out his progress card based on their performance in the mock SSB.

Though the SSB Gurukul provides free access to Hi speed Wi-Fi network so that candidates may prepare their notes and homework, during the five day SSB interview, they will not have access to any internet connectivity.

News paper reading habit is inculcated and various magazines dealing with national and international events are provided. Also SSB Gurukul has its online test papers for intelligence tests and various other written exam test papers so that candidates may practice them even after completion of the coaching.

Thus, all the above factors make SSB Gurukul academy as the best SSB coaching academies in India.

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By : THAKARE SY       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 13 May 2017       Points : 0      

I request you to send the fees structure for 15 days SSB coaching.

By : THAKARE SY       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 13 May 2017       Points : 0      

respected sir
I am Hav/Clk Thakare SY from Indian Army . I likely to attend to attend SSB Interview in Nov 2017. Before interview, I like to join SSB gurukul coaching academy. I need address and contact of SSB gurukul academy.

By : Gaurav Shukla       Member Level :       Commented On : 12 May 2017       Points : 0      

I request you to send the fees structure for afsb coaching.

By : Durairaaj sreevars       Member Level :       Commented On : 15 Mar 2017       Points : 0      

kindly provide me with further details

By : Ashis Dubey       Member Level : Platinum      Commented On : 25 Jan 2017       Points : 2      

Hi Athisakthiraj, currently SSB gurukul is not functioning. If you want to have coaching for SSB interview, please look for other coaching institutes nearby your town.

By : athisakthiraj       Member Level : Bronze      Commented On : 16 Jan 2017       Points : 0      

respected sir
I am Athisakthiraj . R 24 year old post graduate and have attempted SSB interview for three times but not able to clear. Now I like to join SSB gurukul coaching academy. I need address and contact of SSB gurukul academy.

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