Non Verbal Questions Practice Set of SSB Intelligence Test | Set 2

Total Questions : 50

Max Marks : 50

Duration : 30 Minutes


Non Verbal Questions Practice Set of SSB Intelligence Test

Online SSB OIR non verbal questions practice test. Current mock test of SSB intelligence test Non verbal questions is the best practice set. Go on and try this non verbal reasoning practice set of SSB interview.

SSB Non Verbal Intelligence Test Mock test

Non verbal reasoning is the best way to find the level of intelligence that a candidate have in him. In verbal reasoning though the candidate have the ability to solve the question the candidate may not understand the question due to lack of knowledge of language in which the question is presented to him. In contrast, non verbal reasoning question paper will give equal opportunity to all candidates to prove their talent. As non verbal reasoning questions consist pictorial questions, one can understand the questions easily and can answer if he have the ability to solve the problem.
SSB intelligence test is also have a non verbal reasoning test to test the intelligent quotient of the candidates who are appearing in the interview.
Total 50 questions will be given in the SSB OIR non verbal reasoning test and candidates will have 30 minutes to solve the question. Here also we have compiled 50 non verbal reasoning questions for practicing SSB intelligence test.
No negative marking is there in this mock test. So go on and try the SSB intelligent test non verbal question practice set to stay ahead.

Detailed Instructions

Each question carries one mark.
No negative marking is there.

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