AFCAT 1 2014 Question Paper with Answer Key | SSB interview tips to crack

23 February 2014

AFCAT 1 2014 Question Paper with Answer Key

AFCAT 1 2014 question paper
Looking for AFCAT 1 2014 question paper with answer key? AFCAT exam was held on 23 February 2014 in all AFCAT centres by IAF. Check out question paper of AFCAT 1 2014 with solutions here.

AFCAT question paper pattern

Air Force Common Admission Test consists of 100 questions. 3 marks will be awarded for each correct answer and one mark is deducted for each wrong answer. Total time given to solve AFCAT question paper is 2 hours.

There will be 20 questions of English. Out of these 20 questions, 5 questions will be based on passage and others are related to antonyms, synonyms and related words.

Twenty questions in AFCAT question paper will be based on non verbal reasoning. Rest 60 questions will be of general knowledge, current affairs and computer basics.

Questions asked in AFCAT 1 2014 exam and answers

Air Force has held the AFCAT exam on 23rd February 2014 in all AFCAT centers. More than lakh candidates have written the exam. Official AFCAT 1 2014 question paper will be updated soon.

Answer key of AFCAT 1 2014 question paper

Meanwhile, candidates who have written AFCAT 1 2014 exam may write down the questions asked and answers based on their memory. Let us discuss AFCAT question paper here with all candidates who have appeared in the examination.

AFCAT 1 2014 questions and answers based on memory

Here we are updating the questions of AFCAT 1/2014 examination with correct answers based on the memory of candidates who have appeared in the examination. If you know other questions, please comment.

  1. Suez canal connects which island? -  Isthmus between the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
  2. Meaning of calumny 
  3. Meaning of cacophonous 
  4. Position of Women Hockey team of India in Asian championship? - Runners up
  5. Who was UN messenger for peace among sportsman in the year 2001?
    • Vijay Amritraj
  6. If Necromancy : Ghosts then 
    • A. Romance : Stories 
    • B. Magic : Amulets 
    • C. Alchemy : Gold 
    • D. Sorcery : Spirits 
    • Correct Answer D - Sorcery : Spirits
  7. Napoleon of India - Samudra Gupta
  8. Outer surface of sun - Corona
  9. Find out odd one out
    • A- Wheat
    • B - Mustard
    • C - Rice
    • D - Gram
    • E - Peanut
    • Answer - C Rice. Justification - Except rice, all others are Rabi crops.
  10. Who is called as Grand Old Man of India? - Dada Bhai Naorojee
  11. 69*69*69-65*65*65/69*65 = ?
    • Answer is 4
  12. Who was the viceroy during the Sepoy mutiny?
    • Lord Canning
  13. Who regulates right to citizenship?
    • Answer - Parliament
  14. If Rain : Patter then ...
    • Answer - Door : Bang
  15. Driving car into the parking can be called as
    • Answer - Maneuvering
  16. Writer shows his style of writing skill in his work
  17. Who is the founder of IISc?
    • Answer - Jamshetji Tata
  18. Which type of missile is Brahmos?
    • Answer - 
  19. Baglihar dam is built on which river?
    • Answer - Chenab river
  20. Sleeping disorder for long time is known as?
    • Answer - Insomnia
  21. Which is the longest bone?
    • Answer - Femur
  22. What is responsible for aging?
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